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Porsche 997 2005-2011 to 911 (991) 2012 Conversion


New member
18 Sep 2013

was wondering if it's possible to convert the exterir of the 997 to 911 (991) 2012+ ?

It looks like there's not much difference in dimensions.

Thanks upfront.

Hi Giulio, welcome to the forum :thumbs: Yes, it is entirely possible to do this. The front and rear of your existing 997 bumpers have been especially designed to be malleable enough to be bent into the form of the 991 bumper (use a wooden mallet and not a metal hammer unless you are able to encapuslate the latter with cloth (micro-fibre cloths work really well). Then all you have to do is cut out the apertures for the auxilliary lights and tail lights to accomodate the 991 lights in place of the 997 ones - fairly easy enough as the bumpers are made out of PU. You don't need to do anything to the rear spoiler because you can fool everyone into thinking it is the same as before. For the interior, just replace one of the dials with an LCD type circular thingie - they are available from Maplins at £99.99 (10% off this price if you shopped there a week before and have their discount voucher) and then get your local OPC to code that into the DME so it is synced with your PCM unit. Overall should be a doddle. Please can you post 'How to' pics as it would be useful in the 997 FAQ section.

Good luck and all the best.

~ Maxie :salut:
Just adding badges on the engine cover and putting a private plate on would fool most people.

Welcome giuliog.
Wow Maxie, what did you have for breakfast?! Very funny stuff, but maybe a tad fierce for a newbie OP?

PS My friend told me that all real 911s are air-cooled, but apparently (according to the nice man in the AA recovery truck), just emptying out all the coolant fluid from my 997's engine didn't count as a proper mod...
HarryH said:
Wow Maxie, what did you have for breakfast?!.

+1 :floor:

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