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Porsche 993 Turbo - Good buy?


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20 Mar 2011
What do you think of this car guys? honest opinions? daily driver? Thanks. :mrgreen:
Speedtrap said:
What do you think of this car guys? honest opinions? daily driver? Thanks. :mrgreen:

Is this to replace the Golf?

I think they look fantastic, but wouldn't want one as a daily driver due to the very 'traditional' interior. Then again, I am something of an old man when it comes to daily drivers, I like mine quiet, quick, and comfortable, with good sat nav / stereo / plenty of room.

If I had the money and space for one, I'd either keep some cash and buy a 964 3.3 turbo, or if I was feeling flush get a 964 3.6 turbo. The last of the 'proper' single turbo rear wheel drive 911s.

A good buy? It's a modern day classic IMO, holding its money and I can't see the value of one doing anything but remaining stable or gaining in value.
Arguably the best looking 911 ever. Daily driver? Opinion will be divided, for me it would be no.
If you can handle an interior that does not look like a Passat/ Merc/ BMW/ AUDI/ Peugeot/ volvo - that's ten years newer but half as involving....

Go for it!

I envy you that it's even an option! My boss would take the money and buy some 'also ran' German runt of a thing with Ipod docks, sat navs, and the like.

I'd love a 993 Turbo. It will be remembered as the last 911 turbo they made, I can't afford a 911 turbo now without going newer.

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