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porsche 911 anniversary edition

13 Aug 2003
Can someone tell me what colour the 25th anniversary 911 was painted.I've seen it described as marine blue met and diamond blue met,did they do 2 colours or what!!! :?

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I thought it was only available in silver?

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According to Adrian Crawfords site he describes it as marine blue! I believe they did do them in silver , but i've never seen one!The reason i ask is i'm looking to buy a Anniversary 911 made between 87-89 and having found one in a classified add i then requested pictures via e-mail and when i received them the car was a dark blue shade and not the colour i thought it should be.Does anyone know the paint code for diamond blue met?

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Must admit I thought they were all meant to be Diamond Blue Metallic.

Mogsyman I think you might be confusing it with the 40th Anniversary model which has just been announced and is a special silver colour (only available on the new Carrera GT otherwise).

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Diamond blue definitely, but there is one other colour. Silver or brown, I think.

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should be diamond blue metallic. I read it in the Forever 911 book. I think that's what it's called. Anyways there was one for sale not long ago. It's an 88 Targa. Looked sweet. The price was good too. Too bad I was too slow to react. It's now gone. Bah... not a targa fan anyways.

mechanically it's the same as the regualr 3.2s. You get some fancy carpeting, F. Porsche signatured seats and body matching coloured Fuchs wheels. I won't pay premium for it though... unlike an RS or Turbo.

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oops what a prat - sorry guys! :oops:

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Thanks for the info boy's,back to the drawing board me thinks!!!!

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Hi guys,

New to this forum; thought I could share re Anniversary car.

I believe in 1988, Porsche produced about 860 Anniversary cars to commemorate the production of the 250.000th 911. I have an '89 coupe Anniversary look-a-like (it was ordered with Anniversary specs and was believed to be an actual Anniversary car by the previous owner!) The car is painted in the Diamondblue Metallic colour (code L687; kind of a very light 'violety' silver) of the '88 Anniversary Edition and has the Anniversary car's interior in the special Diamondblue metallic full leather and carpet (code 99). It also has body-coloured Fuchs wheels but - not being an '88 Anniversary - is missing the F. Porsche signature on the seats, the metallic plaque on the glove box lid and the short gear shift. It also has the usual Carrera script on the engine lid which was missing from the '88 Anniversary cars. The colour - although at first glance familiar silver - is actually rather unusual and always gets many compliments!

Great looking car and in unbelievable condition for its age and mileage (177000 kms).

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Well I think that answers all my questions regarding the 25th anniversary 911's thanks very much for all your answers . Regards Andy.

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