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porkers? why the name


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9 Oct 2006
why are they called porkers?

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Yes, I've always wondered.... its been puzzling me for a while now...

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good effin Q, had never occurred to me but now is bugging me, and google does not help...:(
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From Australia

People can be so unkind. A nickname thought clever at the time can become simply hurtful as circumstances change. It can also, perversely, engender a degree of affection. Porsche's first generation of all-wheel-drives were a case in point. Stuffing extra diffs and driveshafts under the 911 did add a little something to the Carrera; a bagful of kilograms.

Those original production AWDs may well have been "porkers" but a decade and a half on and no longer does the jibe carry any credence. The 997 C4S carries a $15,000 premium over the comparative rear-wheel-drive Carrera, but more to the point it has a weight impost of just 55kg.

Admittedly, that's not nothing but it is so well hidden in the dynamics of the car that you are not going to notice it.


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so pork cos the extra weight...?

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It might be because PORsche and PORker have a slight rhyming slang connotation, but I'm no language expert. Bit like wazzer rhymes with w*nker.

This site has rhyming slang - but tantalisingly no "Porker"

Funny that....


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