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Please "Think Bike"


23 Jan 2008
On Saturday one of my close friends brother was t-boned by an 80 year old woman who drove her car out in front of his Ducati.

After being airlifted to hospital with serious injuries he passed away on Tuesday afternoon.

This is a tragic event, not only for my friend and his family and his brothers family but also for the car driver and her family who are in a terrible state.

When the sun is out drivers and riders take to the roads in their droves.

Just always "THINK BIKE" guys.

"THINK! advice for drivers

Here are a few simple ways of avoiding crashes with motorcyclists:

THINK! take longer to look for bikes:
Look carefully for motorbikes when you pull out at a junction. If you're approaching a junction, look out for motorcyclists pulling out too.

Keep your distance
Driving too close can intimidate a less experienced motorcyclist.

Check for bikes when changing lanes
A motorcyclist may be in the space you want to move into, or moving into it fast. Remember your blind spot.

Check for bikes when turning
Parked cars or large vehicles can obstruct your view of a motorcyclist.

Motorcyclists might pass you on either side
Double-check for motorcyclists, whether you're turning left or right.

Park safely
Check for motorcyclists before opening your car door - and ensure that your passengers do the same. When you pull away, remember to look specifically for motorcyclists as they can accelerate faster than cars."

Very sad news.

My sincere condolences.
Make everybody who drives a car, take a bike test and ride a bike for a year, you'd have a nation of observant and respectful drivers. Never happen, but would be great. Condolences to the OP's buddy.
Sorry to hear of your friends loss, as a biker myself I know how easily people can miss seeing you. :nooo:
Very sorry to hear your news.

Made me think about if I had been a biker as the same thing happened to me about a month back in my Panamera when a young girl did the same thing, wrote off her Aygo and £25k damage to my 2 month old car.

Shurv said:
Make everybody who drives a car, take a bike test and ride a bike for a year, you'd have a nation of observant and respectful drivers. Never happen, but would be great. Condolences to the OP's buddy.

I'd say the same with cycling, on my bike I'm 'road lice' and if I slow any car's progress by more than a massive 30 seconds, then I prepare myself for some nutjob not enough room overtaking...

I often wonder what was so important they could not wait for a safe moment, maybe they are a doctor? A fireman? A midwife? Or maybe they are just your average, 2 a penny, ignorant and pompous as fffk car driver, cursing me for being there before they even apply the brakes...

Again sorry to the OP's friends family, an old mate of mine has been in a chair since 1989 thanks to some truck drivers mistake.
It always angers and upsets me to hear of terrible stories like this :nooo:

I did my first (and hopefully only) stoppie courtesy of a HGV heading in the opposite direction that decided to make a right turn just in front of me - he managed to stop just in time to leave a tiny bike sized gap for my unicycle to miraculously squeeze through - I'm under no illusions that I was mere milliseconds / millimetres from certain death - all because the idiot hadn't properly checked to see if it was safe and clear to turn :eek:

The simple and awful truth is that most car (and many truck) drivers are conditioned to only see car sized objects on the road - they will almost never register the first bike they encounter on their journey until it would be far too late to take avoiding action. As bikers we can only hope that the avoiding action isn't necessary.

I always ride on the fundamental assumption that I am completely invisible to everyone (apart from plod, naturally) - unfortunately even this can never be enough to guarantee protection from the criminally ignorant.

My sincerest condolences to family and friends, a tragic and completely unnecessary loss :nooo:
Really sorry to hear of your loss.

I was knocked off 12 months ago now. Same situation. Old lady pulled out on me. Broke my wrist. i was very lucky.
Sorry for your loss wiz. Sad news indeed.
I won't be showing this to mrs waz as we have just bought our son a scooter to get to college on.
Very sad news, last August I was a fatal accident for the month I spent in a coma after crashing my Hayabusa!!! RIP
JohnnyDangerous said:
Very sad news, last August I was a fatal accident for the month I spent in a coma after crashing my Hayabusa!!! RIP

Glad you pulled through that one. Been down the road myself twice but thankfully only a broken wrist and then 2) gravel in the bum cheeks

I gave it all up last year as I reckoned that all these years without a biggie was ok for me.

Thanks for all your kind comments
As per Clarkey, not just motorcycles but any two wheeler. I can get up to 30mph on occasion and have run into a pedestrian that walked to the middle of the road without looking right (my approaching direction). She remained looking left only and as I was in the middle of the road to make a right turn we impacted and both went flying. She was taken to hospital and I went to the dentist with a bruised jaw and then ate soup at the Pistenklaus for three days.

At least you can usually hear a motorcycle although in a car most are oblivious. Pedestrians apparently get hit by cyclists aplenty in Oxford.

Stop, look (twice for bikes - both types), listen.

Pip1968 said:
Pedestrians apparently get hit by cyclists aplenty in Oxford.

I've been working central Oxford for some 26 years now, have seen too many cycle accidents to count, and passed the carnage of hundreds that I did not see happen, many fatal.

The most common one's I see are cars turning left and taking out a bike, or (and especially on the High Street this) car doors being opened onto bikes.

The latter is the worse, have seen many cyclists bombing down the hill to Magdalen bridge, car door opens, BANG!!!!it's horrible. Many delivery vans don't have rear view mirrors so they can't see the guy behind them when the look in the wing mirror and then open the door the very second the bike pulls out to pass.

I don't like riding close enough to any parked cars for a door to take me out.
Very sad news, and quite sobering reading.

I think we can all pay a little more attention at times, I could never live with myself if I was responsible for an RTA of any kind of magnitude. I've also been a motorcyclist for 26 years, I always always ride during the day with my FULL BEAM headlight on, yes I get lots of W4nker gestures, but I'm happy with that, at least they have seen me!

RIP fella :-(

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