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Playing iPod through speakers in a Boxster?


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28 Oct 2010
One of the girls in work has the abvoe car.
She has a Parrot handsfree kit but would like to also play her iPod.
What system is best for this purpose? I don't think she wants an all singing all dancing scenario.
Depends how complex or expensive she wants it to be. At the cheapest level you could get something like this that plays via the FM radio. It can be prone to interference but I've been very pleased with the one I've been using on my CR22.

Just realised the £12 one in the link below that I used is no longer listed. This one does the same thing and isn't specific to iPods and still low priced at £20.


Alternatives may involve replacing radio or connecting leads in the back with something that replaces the CD changer connections.

Hi Michelin,

I am looking at the 2 dab radio offerings from Pure both of which allow you to plug in Ipod - £70 -£150

p.s. did PM you recently after our dealings with Chris from Exel, not sure if I got it right at my second attempt :)
Hi Rob
Pm sent.
Are The Pure systems basic plug and play. She doesn't want anything fancy.
It depends what Parrot unit she has.
Why not give Parrot themselves a call and see what they suggest?

Hi Peter,

Even better bargain - £3.99 on ebay inc delivery
FM Transmitter For iPod, iPhone +Car Charger+Remote

Young lady from work has just lent me hers, tried on the way home and it works sweet as a nut. Set the FM frequency on the unit and then tune car radio to same frequency - 94.9 is the one she recommended, as we live close to each other it should work for you, or the lady from your office

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