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Pics/Views of 911 with silver callipers?


31 Dec 2002
anyone got one ? know of one..??

a 996 with Silver Brake Callipers on......?

or even a 993 with silver brake callipers ....?


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993 C4 models have silver callipers, don't know about 996s tho....

There is a picture of mine somewhere in the image upload topic if you need to find one - you can just see the silver behind the front wheel.

Does this help?


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All carrera 4 have silver callipers 996 & 993

993 C4 S have red callipers as do turbos

993 Turbo S have yellow callipers

Carrera 2 have black callipers

Photos on my website but you probably wont see the caliper colours

Mark Pearce


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cheers mark....!

loads of close up pics of cars with red & yellow.. but yet to find a silver one !

any views on silver callipers on a black car ? as I am considering my calliper colours options....

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Sundeep, i take it you didn't search the forum for the picture i was on about as my car is black with the silver callipers as std.

The picture is now too big to be uploaded but i could mail it to you if you want (pm me your add.) or look on page 2 of the image upload topic.

I think the combo looks ace.


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the trusty old 996 C4 with green interior has silver calipers

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yes please email !

email in profile...

unless I decide on turbo reds !

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I don't have any pics that show them! Just search on the net for 996 C4 pics.

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cheers dun for the pics....

which has made me decide on red or yellow !

btw.. lots of C4's pics, but very few with close up' s of the wheels !

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Here's my car which, being a C4, has silver calipers


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