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Pics - Carrera 4, bodywork/paint correction/big wing etc


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22 Jun 2012
I uploaded a pic a while back with it's new bumper, and a few people asked what i was doing at the rear, i may have been a little shy with my plans as this thread could and probably will go down like the titanic :lol:

but... there's always a but? but everything I've done is reversible, and I will probably go back standard the day i sell up, so not a Porsche ruined.





and a nice reflection shot..


One with the plate on, a lot more oem looking...


I know it's not going to be everyones cuppa, but I'm over the moon with what I've built and It's a little different to the full 997 front end conversions.

It's had -

996 GT3 skirts,
997 GT3 4.0 RS style wing,
A smoothed bootlid (No Brakelight),
New style Porsche rear badge,
Powder coated bumper winglets,
and a 997 GT3 style front bumper with removable plate.
very 8) It looks 10 yrs younger than it is, I thought the new porsche decal would look tacky on a 996 but it works well (with the other mods)
did you correct the paint yourself - it has been done very well ! black can be a nightmare but rewarding when you get it right :thumb:

nice work !
Looks very good dude, and shiny as mentioned. What products did you use? :thumb:
I personally think that other guy in south wales, Ben Gillespie, his looks better :D

Looks great mate, think mine will stay more standard but like you said you can put it ll back if need be

Looks awesome man... only thing am not sure about is the Porsche badge at the back , I would have got a basic black 911 badge :thumbs:
Looks great- where did you get the rear wing?
Looks superb! Wing too big for me but love the rest including rear badge... :thumb:

Looks good to me, must be a real head turner!!!
I'll be honest, i wasn't expecting much love for the styling on here, I'm pleasantly suprized, cheers all :)

I've spent 40 hours with a Kestrel DA-S 6 and The Menzerna range, The paint is then finished in Poorboys Nattys Blue, and also Dodo Juice Purple Haze.

It's 95% there but there are a few minor marks left, the condition of the paint did nothing to help me, it was previously owned by a farmer, and upon purchase i litterally had to scrape exrement off the sills, and pull hay from the interior lol

The wing is from Xclusive Customz, however i have changed a fair bit, The struts have been cut down and smoothed, the bootlid has had the brake light removed, and the end caps reveresed, they are actually supplied the other way around! for copyright purposes maybe i do not know. :nooo:

Ben I'll have to see your carrera in the flesh :)

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