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picked up 997


9 Sep 2002
Finally got time to pick up 2s today. Although i'm not convinced that the looks are far better than the 996 4s', its engine is shockingly powerfull and a real delight! What a car, drove back from notts over the rain soaked tops through the peak district and loved it, so much acceleration, 3rd gear destroys all traffic, and most people didnt have time to flash headlights in dis-approval, before they could react the 2s was gone in the distance with just a ploom of spray left behind!

This c2s is the real deal, the exhaust note is good, similar to the sports exhaust on the 996 at low speeds, has a great pitch change at 5k revs but I cant wait for my 2s that comes in april with the full sports exhaust and other options on board.

Wide body 997 4s will be the best car ever!..... until the 998!

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Want one!

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this one is being sold straight away right?

Beaten by Reading again :wink:
I heard you got into a fight or something??

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This car is not the desired spec, so is available! Check Cars for sale! :twisted:

Didn't get into fight on saturday, was playing out of position (left midfield) was having to run around like a madman so had no extra energy to fight! Reading were very lucky, but the result is all that matters!

997 fantastic, better than that italian stuff anyday! was offered a left hand drive 430 for 20k over list today, although they are not for me, you've gotta love the premiums they command! :wink:

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Excellent! How about a few snaps online!

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will post pics later today servo.

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Sounds nice... I thought they weren't gonna make a 997 C4(S) according to JC on Top Gear....?

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Basic 997 about as wide as 996 Turbo/C4S according to 911&PW...

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