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Photos from Goodwood

Wow, some really fantastic shots there !

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- wow -

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Great photos. I love this one, but what is it?


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...exhaust manifold :D

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yup, it's an exhaust. The high temperatures turn the metal into some fantasric colours - not really sure about the science of it. The car I think is an early indy car - a Jim Robbins Special - perhaps an Offenhauser. Here's another image of it...


Glad you liked the photos everyone - thanks for the comments.

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...sorely tempted to go out and buy a coolpix 5700 after seeing your photos, though I suspect there's a little more to it than point and shoot!!

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I got almost equally good ones with my 990 and agfa 1280 before that - they were just smaller. Here's a few tips to getting the most out of any digital camera...

Use it for what it's good at - they're much better at close ups than fast moving cars in the distance on a track.

Spend some time with an image editing program cropping, straightening horizons and adjusting the levels (contrast) - it'll make a world of difference.

Have plenty of storage and spare batteries.

Because you have no worries about storage, film costs etc take loads, experiment, go wild. When you get home you'll throw lots away but you'll end up with some images you'd never have dreamed of taking with your SLR.

That's pretty much it - hope it helps.

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Thanks for the tips Stefan :)

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how do you get images to upload here - make them smaller?/ how?/!!

im an ex pro used to real film ----sorry!! :(


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Chris. Assuming you have digital copies of your photos already you need to size them in whatever photo editing software you use. Typically the resize function will be under the "Image" menu. Try reducing them to something like 25% of their original size and when you re-save them you then need to change the jpeg save options to compress about 25%. Send me a PM if this is still unclear.


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