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Perfect Sport Chrono reading at last!


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11 Mar 2007

Only took me 3 years to get!

~ Maxie :D

I tried that a bunch of times when I got my car a few years ago, and then gave up in frustration.

Well done!
Sorry for the numpty question :dont know: but what this reading mean? I thought this is just a stop watch for track... :duh:
These magic numbers make your car go broom, broom and really fast!

GT4 said:
But your car is a 997 :whistle:

Another day Paul...for now I'll enjoy this... :grin:

glasgow said:
Sorry for the numpty question Dont know but what this reading mean? I thought this is just a stop watch for track... Duh

Yes, pretty much but I just enjoy playing with it when out on the road. Dial lights up at night time too which looks pretty cool. I think on the 991, the Chrono also incorporates a normal time module.

~ Maxie :)
Maxie said:
Only took me 3 years to get! ~ Maxie :D


I have it fitted in the Cayman and spent hours trying to figure it out only to be told they disconnected 'Sport' mode when they did the upgrades so it no longer works. They offered to reconnect it but said 'Why bother?' and I had to agree. I never understand why everyone wants the PCM in their car because to me it's a waste of time :dont know:
^^^^ For when you're setting those sub 8 min record lap times in that turbocharged Cayman around the Nurburgring, Andrew!

~ Maxie :thumb:
I've messed about doing the same a few times whilst sitting in traffic etc. Did this after the third attempt today! Apologies for the w4nky BlackBerry photo! :D


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Touche! How long are you going to keep it on there?

~ Maxie :D

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