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PCM2 showing zero satellites and 20miles from actual locatio


9 Feb 2010
Hi all,

Any idea what could be the problem. My navigation shows me that the car is some 20 miles from where it is actually located. The nav disc works fine as it provides me guidance from where it think it is lol.

Any ideas what it can be please?

Damaged GPS antenna, disconnected GPS antenna (inc corrosion)

Have you recently had any service works?
Check the GPS antenna connection then reboot the PCM head unit (a certain button combination I can't remember). I had the same issue and this procedure fixed it.
Thanks for the replies. I think it might be a disconnected GPS antenna. Can anyone confirm which colour the plus is on the back of the PCM2 unit... I have blue, black and yellow.

Also took the cover off the GPS unit on the dashboard where the alarm light flashes but cannot figure out how to get it out to check if the plugs have been disconnected etc... I have figured out the GPS antenna is stuck on the dash by a magnet.

I tried the 148 button sequence to reset the unit however the PMC map shows my location some 20 miles away from home and also identifies zero satallites :(
Nope just on the drive with no trees / obstacles in the way.

Any easy method of removing or checking the gps arial?
PCM GPS Antenna removal, install, location etc TSB

Thanks GT4. Is there anyway of checking if the gps is at fault or the pcm unit itself? Do you know if the yellow cable from the pcm unit is the cable for the gps unit please?

Thanks :)
GPS cabling is black AFAIK.

As per my first post, still connections are most probable (in fact I've never come across a broken GPS reciever, well not one that wasn't DOA)
Thanx for the help GT4. At the end it was the actual GPS cable which was not sitting correctly and not the antenna phew!!!

Appreciate all the help guys :)

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