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PCM Sat Nav coordinates frozen! Help


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30 Dec 2012
:sad: :sad:

Took the car out for a drive today to clear the cobwebs.

Drove about 4 mins in then the GPS location froze! I have tried turning off the engine then back again, no joy.

Anyone have any ideas?
Disconnect and reconnect the battery? Just a guess but remember to leave the key in position 1

Read on some forum to hold down the 148 and then drive for about 10miles to allow the GPS to latch on.

All working now. I am a happy chappy.

Speaking of which i had a good drive in the country today, by goodness, this car is so capable.... first time since i had it when i put on the sport mode. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

So much fun! So so much fun :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

I can see why 911s get under your skin...
Glad you're having fun. I was going to suggest going through the menu options and selecting 'reset all'. I used to have this freezing on my 996 and the reset-all function cleared the frozen maps.

~ Maxie
I went through ALL the factory reset options etc but no joy. The 148 reset worked a treat.

It seems so silly that porsche spends so much money on R&D on the car and just cuts corners on the sat nav etc.

My good old honda 2004 sat nav works better than the pCM 2.1

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