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PCM Replacement (with Multi Func Steering Wheel & Chrono


New member
29 Dec 2008
I'm getting quite sick of the old PCM in my 997.

I have the multi function steering wheel & sports chrono pack, so I'm wondering if I remove the PCM if this will still work? I fear not.

Has anyone got some good examples of options here?

I want better sat nav, and also bluetooth integration for phone and music

I am going through the same dilemma myself as I am looking to change the PCM on my 997. However the problem is compounded by the fact that my car is still under warranty and I want a system that can easily be swapped out in the event of any issues.

There are a few places I have found via google that have examples of PCM replacements, one of them is cartronics in Surrey who advertise on this site. Another is unique integrations in Bucks and there is another place near bishops Stortford. Unfortunately they are all miles away from me.

Has anyone here any other recommended installers who have experience of PCM swaps in a 997?
Who was the company in Bishop's Stortford, out of curiosity? That's right round the corner from me.

I know Markiii has looked into changing his PCM out for something actually useful, but don't know if he looked into keeping the sport chrono functions. He doesn't have a multifunction wheel to worry about either.
I can't help on the 997 (still have the rubbish PCM)' but I did swap the PCM in the wife's Cayenne as it was throwing loads of errors up. I went for a Kenwood double din with Nav, phone etc. kenwood/pioneer seem to be favoured as you can get adapters for the steering wheel controls.

The main thing to consider is whether the car has the BOSE option. If it does then it causes lots of complications with the MOST wiring through the amplifier and you have to buy converters which are very expensive.

If you don't have BOSE then you can get harness adapters for the wiring and also the steering wheel controls. Very simple installation and took me a few hours even with wiring in the new GPS unit, microphone etc.

You lose some of the display info in the dash such as MPG etc, and I assume it would render the sport chrono useless as well as you wouldn't have any control over the timing etc.

I found most of my info over on the US forums as lots of those guys swap their head units.
The company in bishops Stortford is called AudioFile-incar. They have a good photo of a 997 PCM replacement on their site. I did speak to one of the other companies earlier in the week and they were very helpful explaining about the Bose workarounds and the steering wheel control requirements although I dont need those. They reckoned they would need 4-5 hours to do the work.

It's an interesting point about the sport chrono though. I have got that in my car; is it connected to anything else? I really don't want coding problems that wil impact on the warranty.

Another option is the mobridge unit that is advertised on this site.....it integrates with the PCM and keeps the original look but then the unit isn't in keeping with the latest available from pioneer, kenwood etc. I had a double din kenwood in my old c4s and it was a much easier fix.

Why do Porsche make this so difficult??

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