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pcm phone thingy


25 Apr 2003
in the absence of porsche calling me back i think i'll ask you guys.....

what do i need to make the handsfree phone work in a 2002 pcm system??

it says i need a simchip on a card.... can i get one the same as my mobile number or do i need a new phone number?

...also can i have cruise control retro-fitted onto my new baby C2 as i do a bit of motorway cruising and its a bore to try and maintain 69mph! (yeah right...)

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I think there has been some chat on SIMs on the site before. Try doing a search. I think the answer was Orange will give you another SIM, other networks you have to swap the SIM from your phone into the car every time you want to use it - sounds painful.

Not sure about the cruise control but usually these sorts of mods (A/C etc) can be done but at a significant cost.


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Vodafone are the only air time provider that operates dual digital sim cards with the same number, however the cost of purchase and operation is what I would term a robbery. The charges are a premium for nearly every service.


The cheaper route is to go to a mobile phone shop and ask for a used credit card outer sim card holder - they should give this for free. Then with low tac tape stuck to the non pick-up side of the credit card holder, place the sim card into the credit card and insert the card into the PCM. What a pain!! but it works very well. The process is only worth it for long journeys.


Buy a "pay as you go" phone use the sim card with the credit card holder, then set up your primary mobile phone to divert to your "pay as you go" when in your car, Bingo a working car phone. I don't no how much the dirvert costs will be that your airtime provider will charge.

For the price they charge, why can't Porsche design the PCM phone system to connect into off the shelf mobile phone!!

Is this too simple for Porsche to get their heads around.

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orange say they can't provide a copy of the sim chip so i guess i'll have to look elsewhere.

thanks for the advice!

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I have what's known as "Dual Sim" on Vodafone the only provider who will do this and the cost is an additional £5 per month for the second sim card. All you then need to do is to insert and leave the second sim in your car (making sure you use a code to unlock it when the system boots up) key in a code from your normal phone to decide which phone will receive calls. At that stage both phones can make calls but only the nominated one will receive them. Having had this for a year it seems to work really well. The only problem with the system is the PCM1 doesn't like a high telephone volume (apparently people on the other end hear an annoying echo), but I'm told PCM2 has cured this.

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I seem to remember that the carphone in Porsches is single band 900Mhz i.e. the band Vodafone, O2 (and Fresh) use.

In other words if you use Orange, T-Mobile or Virgin (on 1800Mhz) then the SIM will not work.

Worth checking this out in the handbook.


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The above info from Philly is right. I was originally on t-mobile but had to change because the PCM will only work on the o2 and vodaphone networks.

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