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27 Apr 2003
Has anybody else noticed that the PCM 2 unit not only has a mind of its own, but the TMC feature is not included in the UK spec.

The manual quite clearly states that TMC is available in your car if your country provides the service......well in the UK it does and it isn't.

However, not to fear because AFN Guildford as ever have the answer - "oh, it's a printing error or something like that, and by the way what's TMC?"........Is that BS I can smell?

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Do I remember reading somewhere that only Classic FM broadcast the necessary signal? Try that anyway.

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As far as I'm aware, the signal for TMC communications is fed to the navigation system in the car regardless of the channel you are listening to. The problem here is the software for UK spec cars does not include TMC.

Anyway, TMC is the least of my problems whilst the rest of the car is falling apart!

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Where do I start.....

On delivery:

Rear of both front seats damaged, Rear leather panel came unstuck (difficult to describe, but Porsche are replacing the rear quarter panel inside the cabin). PCM faulty, 6 x Cd player packed up, dash board not fitted correctly resulting in a 1/2 gap between the upper and lower part, incorrect mats fitted (minor problem, but annoying), hard top impossible to remove from the car then the hood refused to shut.

Faults since then waiting to be fixed:

Leather panel still on order. Rear of the seats still damaged. PCM 2 unit refuses to work some of the time. Horn not working, bottom of driver seat falling apart, sides of driver seat falling apart.

Is that enough?

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I am so sorry to hear that Prosche produce such a car, more disappointingly the dealers doesn't seam to give a damn after they've got the money from you...sounds like any other dealers...may be Porsche is loosing it ... sad...

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