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Passenger window

Paul Vahey

New member
16 Oct 2006
Not even one week in and a few niggling problems have appeared with my C4 Cab, 53.

The passenger window seems to have developed a mind of its own when shut. Sometimes it works perfectly, ie a slight drop in the window then shuts fully once door is fully shut. Other times, you can shut the door and the window winds itself down about a third of the way! For no reason. On a few occasions, the window doesnt even drop that few millimetres and then doesnt quite seal properly.

Also, I have the hard top on at the mo and the seal at the top corner of the passenger window doesnt seem great and there is a bit of 'knocking' from the roof in that corner on rough London roads.

Lastly, my rear screen demist doesnt appear to work anymore. It did last week when I picked the car up!

Am I the only one with these issues or has anyone come across them before. If so, any solutions? Or even any pointers?

Thanks in advance.


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Paul - did you buy private? If not just take it back to the dealer and see what they say.

I have the rear screen not de-misting, took the hardtop off and put it on again and it worked. Could also check the fuse - if no luck with my previous technical answer.

The window probably needs looking at by an OPC.

You are pretty close to me, I'm only just north of Tewkesbury (work in Twigworth).

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Didn't the boxsters have this funny window issue too, would just go off and do there own thing. Doesn't solve your problem though.

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If the fault is only on the one window it would appear that you may have a faulty door lock or window motor in that door. It will need further tests to establish which one though.

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Thanks for these. I have managed to speak with the dealer and there is s reset sequence for the windows that should work apparently.

I will try it and post the solution as and when it works or I have tried it.


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