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Passenger Door Micro Switch


25 Apr 2009
Think its gone, as the window will not stay dropped when opened, any estimate for a repair from a good indie? Or is it DIY?
Not too much of any issue as i don't usually have a passenger but did last night :)
From what ive read its an easy fix, look on Rennlist.com
I had to have the whole passenger door lock replaced on my C2 a few weeks ago. It was causing the roof/window/central locking problems that I described in this thread.

Unfortunately I gave all the paperwork to RPM when I part-exchanged the car last week and I can't remember how much it cost. :oops:

The final bill was £650 including VAT but, as it says in the post I linked to above, that included replacing the jammed flap on the bodywork as well. I think the door lock was about £400 fitted.
Probably microswitch in your door handle:




I usually suggest getting PIWIS to diagnose for definite.

There are SEVEN micro-switches in the door that control various window window functions.
Exactly the same problem.

Food catch £118
Fitting £90
Auto 2000 Bedford

You'll need to add vat to the above.

Thanks all, going by the article on renntech, my issue is the fact the system thinks the door is not open, it drops the window when i open the door but then raises it when i let go..
Can you get the micro switches by themselves or is it a whole new door mech?
Lol, that was door catch not food catch. I had exactly same symptoms so its the door catch and not full lock replacement. My invoice doesn't quote part number but should be the part gt4 highlighted. If it costs around £120 then it almost definitely is.
If you read the thread on RennTech its caused by nothing more than frayed plastic that can be trimmed and lubed.
Easy fix if you are replacing the whole unit.
Maybe not so easy if it is the worn plastic/rubber coating.

I had to cut the plastic off completely & modify the micro switch to a lever arm type one in order to repair mine.
Poor design from the start.

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