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PASM indicator failure


14 May 2013

Driving today I got the PASM indicator failure message and the car refuses to go into sport mode, tried to switch the car on/off it fixed it self and then reappeared again. Never has this issue in the 7 years I've had the car, I did switch the PASM off for the first time ever today I wonder if that has something to do with it.

Any ideas what this could be? Is it an expensive fix and where can I get it looked at?


Hsve you checked your battery and connections, i know that you can get this message if you disconnect your battery?
You can't switch PASM off, so it won't be that. Can be loose connection to the module or one of the struts. Sometimes steering angle sensor or another module. Might be possible to reset a module to fix it.
Nope I've not disconnected the battery unless it was disconnected a couple of weeks ago when it went in for a minor service and health check.
Hi, I have the same problem and have just replaced the PSAM unit with no improvement. Need to nook into Porsche for diagnostic on PIWIS
You need to get it on a diagnostic machine to get the exact fault codes ;-)
Sounds like the classic PASM shock failure mode - message pops up and you can't toggle between modes.

But it's just a guess of course till codes read.

You've not had any suspension, top mounts or rear interior work done recently?
Turns out to be the steering angle sensor?

Anyone know how easy it is to replace?
I had it on my 991 . PASM failure, safe to drive carefully, then stop start deactivated came up.

It turned out to be due to engine misfire requiring coil replacement.

Brake pedal bush, ABS sensor apparently can throw up these warnings.
Pretty easy unlike the 996 .. it's part of the clock spring so steering wheel off then replace the clock spring .

Unusual fault though .. normally they just need calibrating .. It could certainly cause an issue with the PASM though as its an essential sensor for this system .

You would have fault codes in the PSM as well as PASM saying this was at fault and under actual values you would see no change in the value .

I would hazard a guess that it might be down to the steering column control unit though .. if they replace the clock spring ( steering angle sensor ) and still have an issue and with the above codes then its the next step .


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