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PASM Cable and Connector failed


28 Jul 2021
DSC Sport Controller kept going into fault over the last couple of weeks (defaults to full stiff, undriveable)

Error codes read from the unit - 65535 Unit Fault and 64 RF Shock Open Circuit

Opened up the frunk and removed plastic covers to reveal the top of the shock mount and Right Front PASM connector. Unplugged the connector (yellow male) and it was what can only be described as 'mashed'. Something or someone had clearly trapped or stood on the connector. It was physically snapped and the molded wires were barely touching the metal connector sleeves. The damaged must have gotten worse over time and finally presented the fault.

On stripping back the cable, I've managed to recover some of the old connector and temporarily fixed the connection.

When I re-ran the DSC Log, I then noticed when touching the cable entry point at the top of the shock absorber RF was going open circuit. Which, got me wondering if the entire shock has been hit or dropped at some point

Driving around for 1 hour yesterday after the connector fix, it presented no further DSC Controller faults

Does anyone know if you are able to buy these PASM connectors from Bilstein or Porsche? Spent a few hours searching Internet yesterday, but came up with nothing. I'm thinking or buying a second hand shock off eBay and reusing the connector (Splice it in), until I can afford to upgrade the whole suspension to something like B16 Damptronic Coilovers, or similar.

Anybody been through the PASM fix or upgrade process?
It's the PASM repair loom you need: 99761295000. I hope you're sitting down; they're £123.64 plus VAT.

I have two left over from my PASM Retrofit 997.1. I can't remember what I paid for them, I would have to check the invoice. It was less, that much I know.

You can have one for what I paid, if I can find them.

You will need the other end wiring back in, as one end is the connector, the other end are two bare wires.

EDIT: Oh, unless you mean the connector attached to the strut itself? That does not exist, unless you go with plan B, and buy a used strut. I have a good one of those too, binned the leaking one. Should have kept it in retrospect! You could try calling Bilstein directly, otherwise if you have a relationship with Center Gravity they almost certainly will have at least one broken PASM strut.
It’s the cable from the strut to the connector. Copse Automotive are also on the lookout for an old PASM strut for me. Might call Centre Gravity in the morning also. Good shout!!

Long term, going to refresh all corners using B4 Bilsteins and new arm/bush set
Just looked at the prices!


I dont track the car (yet), mostly driven on UK poorly surfaced roads. Have been very happy with standard PASM, H&R Springs with DSC Control
I had a similar situation to you, though not damaged PASM connections but a bracket on the damper itself. I bought a used unit as I was within 7 days of a Euro car trip and was a bit desparate!

I too am going to upgrade all dampers, but can't afford it yet.

A thought has occurred though, and that is I do have the old damper with the connector intact, and I wonder if it can be removed so you could have just that part?
All I need is the cable and connector coming out of the top of the shock/strut.

If you are thinking of binning the shock, rather than selling it on through eBay or similar and would be happy to cut the cable off, I would be very happy and grateful to use that to make a more robust temporary repair.

At least to ensure the connection is ok for now.
I'll check my old damper, and post here.

But thinking about it further, if the only damage is the connector on the damper side, could you not fit a compatible new connector? Most of these I've found on car electricals over the years are pretty standard parts. Or make your fudge more permanent and put some self amalgamating rubber tape over both sides of the connector.
I’m reliably told that the connector is Bilstein proprietary and not available for purchase separately

Some threads on Rennlist with others trying to source these with zero success. Most resorting to finding an old damper and cutting off and splicing onto the existing cable.

If you do find your old damper, please let me know

I will do, though haven't found it yet!

I got a load of bits from my Indy after my partial suspension refresh, but my garage is a mess at the moment :frustrated:
So what is actually damaged?

The yellow connector on the end of the damper itself?


Why don't you just strip the wires back and then attach them to the pins on the other connector?

The black connector, car end, can have the pins removed from it.

Just put a bit of solder on them and some heat shrink.


Keep the connector housing somewhere safe for when you get a new damper in the future.

You could be up and running in 15 minutes.
Also if it helps anyone

Am pretty sure and certain Bilstein UK in Leicester can recon this easily with a new rod and connector back on it again

This was like 5-6 years ago and think was only like £60-70 at the time

If you decide to go down that route just give them the call and speak to the guy in the workshop
Spoke to Bilstein UK, they are sending me a yellow male plug to splice in. Long term will be replacing with new B4s.

Thanks for the recommendations

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