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Parking on a single yellow line


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14 Nov 2011
Bit of rant really but any advice would be welcome.

Got a ticket (£130) for parking on a single yellow line on Synday - no signs visible to indicate any restriction nor were the lines marked on the pavement.

What is going on these days?
Why is it so hard to work out where you can or can't park on a flipping Sunday?

For those wonder, this was in Greenwich.
Yellow lines follow the parking restrictions of the next pay and display type bay I believe. In market areas such as Greenwich where pay and display is active on a sunday then you can't park on single yellows. Same goes for Camden. Sucks I know...
I take it these are now enforced by the LA rather than police? However in either case there must be a sign at a reasonable distance informing you what the parking restrictions are given that for single yellow lines they can vary (as can no loading).

Only other caveat is when you enter a Crontrolled Parking Zone which can identify an area. However you must pass a CPZ sign from whatever route you take when you enter.

If there is no sign nearby you have a good chance of arguing your point. Enforcement officers will normally take a digital photo of your car in situ so there can be no dispute where it was parked. If there are no signs along that stretch you stand a chance.

However from this link it looks like you were in a CPZ so the sign could be streets away.


Price of a stamp or pay £130 (What a southern rip off). Your call
Definitely appealing but I think I'll get some BS response that it's controlled zone etc
The parking police in Germany are ruthless :cop: ...but thankfully also toothless. All but the severest of violations carries a maximum 5 euro wrist slap, and is often cheaper than paying to park legitimately in the first place :dont know:

Rip-off Britain? You betcha... :nooo:

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