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Paranoia . . .

Richard Eff

9 Jun 2004
. . . is a terrible thing.

Unusually managed to combine a business trip today with using the 993. Just before setting off for home, pulled into a filling station, and because of the layout of the pumps and the number of other cars already there I had to turn round and reverse into position to avoid dragging the hose across the bonnet of the car.

Filled up, went in to pay, came out and walking back to the car. looked down at the rear end. Large puddle of oil under the engine! Aaaaaaaaagh! Crouched down to take a closer look, but couldn't see anything dripping. Fingers crossed, set off home. Watched the guages all the way back. Checked the garage floor by headlight when I got home as no electricity in the garage. Floor was dry. Phew. Using the car again tomorrow, so hoping that all is well and it was someone else's oil.

No-one ever told me that owning a Porsche would give rise to paranoia at this level!

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Thers an undertray on a 993

so most oil leaks on to the undertray rather than the floor

so when you go to look at one, its no good looking at the vendors garage floor!!

Mark Pearce


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Richard you might need councelling! :wink:
but I know what you mean, the first year after I got the car I was hyper-paranoid as well, every small imperfection I discovered would give me a heart attack. But I guess it's because we have such high expectation of the car. With a few councelling sessions and some happy pills you'll feel much better! :p

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Beer and curry might do the trick, but as I type, the car is at JZM for a service and at long last, fitment of the RSRs!

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I think this is what's known as 'the slippery slope'! Is that your bank manager I can hear weeping?

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Don't know what you can hear but it isn't my bank manager because I haven't mentioned "suspension modifications" to him yet!

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I tell a lie. The sound of weeping is me, never mind the bank manager. Just been told what everything that needs doing is going to cost! New tyres all round, wishbone bushes, hence new wishbones, geometry, disc skimming and a whole load of little bits. Aaaaagh! :eek:

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Doh! How long have you had the car? If it's a recent purchase, did any of that lot come up on the PPI - you did have a PPI didn't you? :oops:

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Well, most of what needs doing relates to "consumables" rather than inherent defects. The grief comes from them all needing to be done at the same time!

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So when the car's been serviced it should be running like a dream. Bedford on 25th to try it out?

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Might have to! After spending that sort of money on it, this year's plan to get hold of a tired 944 for track day use is on hold!

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