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Panamera TPMS

I think I would investigate the TPMS Control Unit as the next step. I have a 911 991.1 but thought the systems must be broadly similar :dont know:

On the 991 (2012 on) I noticed that the control unit is actually located outside the car, somewhere around the underside passenger footwell / seat (see info below). If you can locate it, it might be worth taking a punt on used replacement. I spotted a couple on eBay for under £40.

I also spotted the attached Panamera TPMS RESET - PROCEDURE in my 991 Factory service manual, which might be of interest?

Failing the above, then I'd be looking for a decent Porsche indie nearby.

Good luck



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My money is on it being the TPMS Control Unit that deosn't appear to be reading the signals from the valve units.

I thought MOT rules had changed that a TPMS warning light (and some others) are now an 'Advisory' for MOT and not a straight failure like before :dont know:

On some cars I've looked at taking a punt on checking MOT history has shown TPMS light as 'Advisory'. Bentley GT being the main offenders.
I'm with you Zingari, that's why I've dropped the car off yesterday evening at a garage I've used before. He's not a Porsche indy as such but he's done some good work for me on other cars previously and does have some 911's and Panamera's on his books. I've told him that I've got a feeling it's all to do with the TPM module so we'll see what comes out of it - and if he can just disable the system completely even better.
As far as mot failure or advisory goes I've spoken to several testers and the impression I'm getting is that if the car is pre-2012 then it's not a failure - but from what I've read online it seems to be a bit of a grey area.
I'll hopefully get a call from the garage tomorrow night or monday so I'll update when I know what's going on.
Sadly those golden days have gone when you could get your MOT done over the telephone and save all the hassle of taking it in :grin:

Yeah it is a shame. But the good news is the car's back, MOT'd and no TPMS warning light. It turns out, as suspected, it was the TPM control unit, apparently looks like it's got wet at some point - so he disabled the system for me. I'll have a look for a used one or maybe look at getting mine repaired - there are lots of firms that seem to be able to fix any ecu/control unit these days so I'll do some investigating. And I'll see if I can find out how it might have got wet to start with - weirdly though the bottom of my boot is and always has been bone dry with no signs of ever having got wet.

But, most importantly, I'm legal again. Oh, and no advisories either which is a big plus!
At least you know now, what you need to do and are not chasing your tail with these TPMS sensors. I can confidently say that the design911 TPMS sensor 433hz ones do work as I had mine done about 3/4 weeks ago and literally after 1/2 a mile of driving the light went out.

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