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Painting Calipers Void Warranty?


9 Aug 2012
Im thinking of painting my calipers red but im wondering if that would void the car warranty (OPC warranty)
Technically, yes. Practically, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest and I can't see it realistically affecting a claim at all.

Always the risk, though.
poorleno said:
Im thinking of painting my calipers red but im wondering if that would void the car warranty (OPC warranty)

Can't remember what car you have but from the sounds of it a C2/C4/T4. I think Ekona ^^^^ is spot on with his answer.

~ Maxie
Decisions differs from OPC's...I think

Seen on the forum, OPC's have stripped the stone chip protection film to re instate the warranty , my local OPC has sold a car with film on it :dont know:

Best check with your local centre
It is indeed inconsistent across various OPCs, but for something like that the general expectation would be that it probably isn't going to invalidate an unrelated claim but might result in you not being able to extend it.
Put it this way: If you claim for a dodgy bootlid switch, are they going to turn it down? Probably not. If you try and claim for a new engine, could they try and wriggle out of it anyway possible? You bet your ass they could.
From my Porsche main dealership referring to a approved used car warranty.

Your warranty will be valid if you use a VAT registered unauthorised repairer to carry out service work as long as Porsche parts are used. We offer very competitive servicing cost and have up to date equipment and fully trained Porsche technicians. We can offer courtesy cars or collection and delivery when your car requires a service along with the security of protecting your cars future value by maintaining the service history with a Porsche retailer.

I don't think painting your calliper's matters.
So you would need to use Porsche caliper paint as well as having it done by a garage, so no DIY?
Really don't think they would bother. I was assured that fitting grill mesh myself would not affect the warranty.

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