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Paint chips every trip!


New member
12 Mar 2003
New C4S, low miles on normal roads - every journey and there is a new stone chip either on the bumper, bonnet or rear arches. Porsche have checked the paint and say it is OK. Any similar experiences?

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was getting mine armourfended to prevent that but porsche warned against saying just to touch up any chips I get and get it annually repaired. Now worried!

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Time for a silly looking colgan bra?

Personally I prefer the chips!!


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Thanks to both of you. I looked at Armourfend (and a self fit version using the same material - Invincashield) but by the time I had looked at it more chips had appeared!

Porsche told me not to touch in the chips as they show up even more then. They also advised against annual repair as it would show up on their system at trade in (assuming Porsche did the job - you would probably want them too) and devalue the car!!!

Can't win I guess.

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I aggree on the effect a pant job will have on the value of the car.

So touch up if you wish, and explain to any buyers the reason for not having resprays.

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I am still thinking about having the amourfend just on the front bumper especially over winter - the bas**** gritting trucks have been out and about, don't they know the c4 has 4 wheel drive.


Looking for a Stone chip solution.

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I'm sure there are always non-Porsche body shops who will do a good job if you are worried about appearance of stone chips and I guess this will not show up on Porsche database.


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Costapacket.......like you I have a C4S - now with 1500 miles showing on clock. To my dismay I noticed 2 or 3 stone chips !!! Curiously, I am not "having kittens" like I once would have. I guess because I now (@ 43 yrs of age) have determined that it's gonna happen regardless of however much I don't want it to happen !! I am planning to get one repair (new paint) done prior to disposal (some day.) I'd be pleased to see what others think.......

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Blimey, I am older than 43 (just a few years) and I certainly have kittens. I think I need to calm down a bit!!!

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Just to wake up this thread a bit, I was wondering whether to Armourfend my new 993 which at the mo is immaculate but won't stay that way for long. Can it look as good as a properly waxed and polished paint job? Will it affect resale value?

What does the team think?

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Apparently you can see the edges of the film up close, especially if wax has been allowed to build up along the edges but from a distance it is invisible. Personnally I would take my chances with stone chips and resprays (at non-OPC body centres if you want to staff off the computers).


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Don't have the respray in any paint shop other than Porsche approved ones. I learned the hard way when I thought how hard is it to repair some minor srone chip, and had it done by a fairly reputable paint shop. The finish was comparable to my BMW's but nowhere near as good as the rest of the car. Later I had a slight damage to the front end, Porsche approved paint shop did a much better job.

I had the front end Armourfend fitted by their own staff. They did a wonderful job of it. The only place you can see it is the top line of the bonnet piece, and the Armourfend is obviously not as shiny. The bumper piece is not noticable at all as it goes all the wayround the bumper.

When one comes to sell the car, the Armourfend can always be removed. I'm sure the Armourfend will also get damaged by stone chip large enough, but to replace Armourfend is much better, easier and cheaper than a new paint job. I'm now wondering whether or not to change the rear wheel arche guard to Armourfend. Any one had it done?

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what did it cost you Butzi to get the front bib Armourfended

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i hate to say but live with it. You buy a low, fast monster sports car and you worry about stone chips. I cant even count the stone chips on mine and I think the paint jobs are good enough and expected once a car is of a certain age as there will be lots of stone chips. I will probably get mine repainted in a few years and start counting the chips again


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It cost around £400 for the front end, it depends on what you want to cover. Check on their web site, they can e-mail you the price list and product diagram. Worth the money I think. It feels good not to have to see/feel the chips every time you wash/wax the car.

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