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P Zeros how many miles should you get


23 Sep 2012
Perreli p zero how many miles sould I expect from the rear of my 996 C4 cab
Depends which ones - there are about six different P-zeros that it might be.

Unless it's the latest design, the 1990s N-rated versions are rubbish, wear quickly, and are crap in the wet once more than 50% worn.

IMHO :grin:
B19KER said:
Perreli p zero how many miles sould I expect from the rear of my 996 C4 cab
Significant deterioration began on my C4 from 8,000 miles.

That said, I still think they're excellent tyres and will probably buy them again after the present Michelins.
Mine had done almost exactly 8k miles of mostly non-motorway use when I sold the car (C4 Coupe). If I'd have kept it I reckon they'd have been changed after about another 1000-1500 ie. when they got down to about 2.5mm.
My undersatnding is that Pirelli's are a soft compound and as a result tend to wear down faster - the trade-off being good grip. Outside of Porsche I have had Pirelli and found them to be the shortest longevity tyre.

Michelin I have found to be very good in the dry and wet and longevity.

My Turbo has Continental N2's all-round so switching to Mich's will be expensive as I'd have to change all 4. I have been pleased with Continental.

I don't know if you are ready for all 4 tyres yet, but if you are, you might conisder a change to Michelin's all-round. I'd say that Mich and Continental's would be around 9k miles life. So if T8 is getting close to this with Pirelli, then I'd say Pirelli have upped their standard. But I'm not a Pirelli man and out of choice would never choose them. If I inherited a car with them, then I'd have to stick to Pirelli at tyre change unless all 4 tyres neded changing - in which case I'd go for Michelin (1st choice) or Continental.
Me too, I dislike pirellis. Wear quickly, create horrible road noise once starting to wear, and dont look as pleasing to my eye from the side. (picky i know!)

I also would chose Michelin PS2's first choice (better than PS3s in the wet), PS3's 2nd choice and then Contis Sport Contact 3 3rd choice.

At the moment I have PS2's on the back and sport contact 3's on the front. I have no idea how this has happened! :?:
Hi there
i bought my car with a new set of p-zero rossos fitted
got 12k for the first set of back tyres and and 13k from the next set at which point i changed all 4 so the fronts lasted 25k
fronts probably get a slightly easier time on a C2 than on a C4 and also C4 cab is about 100kg heavier so will also have an effect
also think that a tip will be less harsh on tyres as very hard to spin up the rears in D (mine is an early car without traction control)
thought this was pretty good on a high performance rear wheel drive car
nope just seem to always make my tyres last more than most on any car :)
i was very surprised too but i did change them when they wore to the wear indicators which i think is 1.6mm left or slightly less than that ahem

most seem to change with almost 1mm more still on the tyre

the nice thing about my car is it seems to wear the backs very evenly across the width so can get away with changing right at the point of legality and dont drive much in the wet so doesnt create too much drama in doing so
timpani said:
i was very surprised too but i did change them when they wore to the wear indicators which i think is 1.6mm left
So you're not really driving Miss Daisy, because Pirellis will do 12,000 miles to the wear indicators. Performance by this point, however, is poor.
if you say so, i wouldn't say poor so much as fun :)
5k from a set of n4s for me, swapped to ps2s on rear, same driving plus 1 track say, 7k miles and still going strong

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