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Overnight Parking query..anyone do this?


8 Mar 2021
So i'm just looking into car Insurance and security for my potential purchase and have come up with a couple of options.

1. Park the car outside our house; it'd open driveway parking, so it's technically off the road but is not separated from the pavement, physically.

2. Park the car in a friend's lockable garage at his flat.

Mrs N is not happy with option 1 as she's heard all the horror stories of dude's kicking the door in and demanding the keys. I'm also not keen on this idea but not sure if a) the area is that bad or b)the car is desirable enough to warrant a professional gang! My larger concern with option 1 is random damage from weather/rogue shopping trolley/bored teenagers.

Option 2 is great; the flat is nearby and I can access whenever BUT will an Insurance company have a panic if I say i'm not parking the car at my own house overnight? Anyone else done/tried this?

Finally, after getting some quotes today, i've learnt 2 things. Firstly, you can only use your no claims on 1 car (never owned 2 cars before so i'm sure you all know this!) and, most importantly, a Saab 9-5 diesel estate worth about £1200 costs more to insure than a £35000 Carrera S. Strange times.....
Speak to the insurer. I do not think it should be a problem parking it away from your house in a garage.
My overnight parking place is different from the registered address of the car.
Best to be honest with them right from the start to avoid issues should there be a claim.
Slayer said:
Speak to the insurer. I do not think it should be a problem parking it away from your house in a garage.
My overnight parking place is different from the registered address of the car.
Best to be honest with them right from the start to avoid issues should there be a claim.

Yes, sounds sensible. Part of me is twitchy about the car being at another location, but i'm sure locked garage is better than essentially on the street!
I live in London and mine is in underground car park away from my home.
No way I am leaving it on the street :)

I did put a different address on my Insurance and it was not an issue.
You need to declare if the car will regularly be parked other than at your home address.....also it can be cheaper to park on the drive than in a garage, even when that garage is at the same address.....the wonders of Insurance risk.......and re your Saab, they asses risk on the likely hood of you having an accident in it and most of that damage in this case would be to the other car and they would argue you are more likely to have an accident in an older car than your pride and joy......basically however they feel like spinning it.....the one rule is shop around every year as what suits one insurer re risk will change year on year......and yep even though you can only drive one car at a time you can only use your NCB on one car :roll:
The most important thing is that you tell the Insurance company where the car is most often kept overnight. They won't care where that is as they will assess your premium based on the risk they perceive.

Secure garages normally facilitate the lowest quotes for obvious reasons.

It may seem surprising but I've always found that on-street parking is regarded as a lower risk than driveway parking. Apparently this is because 911s are difficult to steal without having the key and if the house where the key is kept is obvious then a break in and key theft is more likely.

The premium for your Saab is why it is for the reason that jonttt has given. It's also why TPF&T Insurance on such car is rarely any cheaper than fully comp.
A quick browse through the "My stolen 911" sub forum on here might be informative as to just how often they're getting nicked.
I went to an Insurance broker (A-plan) when I bought the Porsche as a second car and they managed to get me a quote from LV where they mirrored my no claims so the 911 is costing about the same as our disco sport so it is possible to have your NCB applied to two separate policies.
When I moved house last year, the garage wasn't suitable and the chap whose house I bought only moved locally and kindly offered to keep my cars in his new garage until my new garage is built. The cars are insured with ClassicLine and the schedule states the address at which the cars are kept (as well as my address). No issues at all - they just said for me to inform them when I've built my garage and have them at home. There's an endorsement stating that they must be garaged overnight but that's it.
I was in the exact same position last year. Also assumed my maximum no claims discount would count for something but was told it would start from 0 on the policy for an additional car. In the end Sterling Insurance said they would mirror my existing no claims, or something like that which made it the cheapest quote I had received. For this year with 1 year no claims it was 50% cheaper with a different company, which surprised me. Both quotes found on comparison site. Car is also parked in a locked garage away from my house.
I'm glad i'm not the only person to be shocked by this no-claims thing - not sure why i'm surprised Insurance companies wouldn't want to make as mich money as possible!

Running a couple of quotes this afternoon, as picking it up tomorrow, so will see where we end up!
The no claims thing is such a massive con. What gets me more than anything is you can't share NCB across vehicles, yet if you have an accident in any car it has to be declared on all vehicles. NCB should be on the driver, not the vehicle.

The driveway/garage thing is another strange one. If I say my Audi is parked in a garage, the premium increases over driveway parking and the opposite is true of my 911!

Actually Insurance is a massive con full stop.
I don't think it is a con. Actually it's probably good value

I'm note sure if you still can, but You always used to be able to self insure your own car by depositing £500k with the court / authorities but when you think about it... that would cost you £5k or more per year in lost interest (based on 1%)

On that basis I think I would rather just pay a few hundred pounds per year in Insurance

Not sure where you live but some parts of the London suburbs are becoming a post code lottery for car Insurance. Particularly for modified cars and things like occasional business use and parking on the road.

Try Churchill. Very relaxed about Porsches in my experience. Less so, Blackpool's finest.

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