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Outside air temperature reading low, minus figures

Sorry dont know for sure, but there is a chance that it may be going open circuit or shorting intermittently where the sensor connects to the cable...
This is also something I thought it may be.
On my drive down to Le Mans Classic I lost my offside side marker indicator, I saw it in my door mirror smash to pieces. I bought a used one from ebay to replace it but when fitting it it didn't work, I realised the wiring had snagged when the indicator got stuck between the tyre and the arch so had to do a solder joint. I'm wondering if that caused my issue with the wiring for the temp sender too, it was only an issue after the indicator fell out.
Porsche tend to use a default value of - 48 for an open circuit or dead temp sensor .. i'm not sure the exact value for this one but i would unplug it , ignition on and see what the reading was to confirm open circuit .

That will give you the dead sensor reading .

To be honest though .. I would just replace the sensor .. might find one on ebay .. if that didn't fix it it would more than likely be the instrument cluster and as such .. not worth fixing .

Yours has an intermittent fault ..... it's probably different temps ( altered resistance as it reacts to the temp ) and it's giving different readings .. some of which are correct .. hence replace it .
Thanks deMort, it means bumper off to just unplug it because I have grilles, I do have a low tone horn not working and have one waiting to go in and suspected coolant leak somewhere on the nearside front corner so I'll have to remove it anyway.
I'll report back.
On a ramp we can undo the lower PU fixings and remove the lower horn unit .. i can't recall if you can unplug this sensor the same way but it's worth a try .

Lets just say at OPC and on bonus .. we didn't remove the PU to replace the bottom horn !

It hurts though .
I removed the bumper yesterday and replaced the horn, I also unplugged the temp sender and the dash showed no numbers just dashes, ie --:-- I also found my coolant leak, N/S rad has a pin hole in the top core. I have ordered a new rad but I haven't decided that the temp sender is faulty or not, it hasn't made a false reading all weekend. I mixed some body filler up and plugged the rad for the time being while I wait for the new rad to be delivered.
Ok so that proves there is a connection between the sensor and the instrument panel as the reading has changed , you have different readings but not dashes , hence its not going open circuit .. .. whilst its possible there is a corroded wire between the two the most obvious item is either the sensor itself or the instrument cluster ..

I've seen both but logically you would replace the sensor .. if that didn't fix it then not continue as a cluster is not worth replacing for this .. £2500 from memory for a new one .
A momentary reading of -13 deg might be welcome at the moment! :eek:

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