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Outer rear tyre wear on 993

4 Mar 2004
I have a 97 993 Targa which I recently put new rear tyres on, it is my first Porsche and i have had it for about six months. The suspension and wheels are standard. I have had it aligned by a local company recommended by my OPC. This has made the matter worse - another engineer has told me it may be the "kinematic toe in"??? The report on camber, partial and total toe seems to be correct. The tyres at this rate will last circa 3 - 4,000 miles max! Does anyone no any one else apart from BMTR in the midlands area? I may take it to slough to Tognola if not. :?

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I would've thought if they had done the alignment properly (which I was told should take up to 6 hrs!) they should have checked the kinematic toe in. Try PCT in Autobahn, they're in Coventry on the A45, so should be fairly close to you.

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I have spoken with Autobahn today who I think are more than helpful - they have done a couple of small jobs on the car for me before. They also used to use BMTR when they were based futher into Birmingham and think they are good, BMTR took about three hours to set it up, it's this "kinematic toe in" I don't know about - I believe the 993 is the only 911 with it?

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Are your rear tyres Pirelli P-zero's by any chance, my 993 used to do exactly the same, after about 3 to 4 K the outsides stopped wearing and the rest of the tyre sort of caught up - average rear wear 12k before replacement. My local OPC said that was normal on the pirelli's and that this was due to the outer block shape of the tyre.


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I had the same issue with my P-Zero's. I went to the nottingham alignment center - Porsche Nottingham use them. They set up the car for £30 and suggested that I put slghtly higher pressure in the tyre - this seems to have made a difference.

You may also want to try autofarm - oxford way

Tyres Northampton

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isnt kinematic toe-in to do with the wheels toeing in when changes in the direction of the load are forced upon the wheel, ie in cornering? as if the wheel/hub is loosely connected to the suspension and moves about to aid cornering and stopping the famous rear end whipping round into a tree/lampost/wall? im not sure tho, that was just in my head somehow.

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As far as I can understand, kinematic toe in is unique to 993/928 where they have the same rear subframe/suspension set up, also known as Weissac effect. When you corner, the rear wheels toe in slightly to improve handling. This is acheived because the sub frame is attched to the main chassis via a rubber mount. (well, that's the idiot's guide to kinematic toe in that I remmember, I'm sure it's a lot more complicated than that!) The amount of toe in will need to be aligned specially by someone who knows what they're doing.

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