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Outdoor car cover recommendations please.


29 Jan 2007
Hi all. I'm interested in an outdoor car cover. My car might spend some time outside and under a tree. I'm after something discreet (to keep the nosey away) which I can also cable lock to keep from people pinching it.

I used to keep a bike under a cover but the paint was damaged at the corner areas due to dirt rubbing as the wind would cause it to move and rub.

Has anyone any ideas? I've seen some advertised but would like to hear recommendations.

Car is a 996

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Coverzone Monsoon gets my recommendation. I had one for about a year and it worked very well in the UK's wet'n'windy weather. More economical and functionally efficient than the uber expensive US Covercraft ones which I don't think are really suited to the weather here.

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I've been looking at those and they don't seem to be lined :( Surely that could scratch the car.

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they are lined - with some sort of synthetic soft material. I found that it doesn't scratch the car at all - even through heavy winds. Because the cover is fitted to the 996, there is very little slack to blow around.

clicky link

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I second Ocean.

I have a coverzone monsoon and it is great. I do only put it on the car when its dry and clean but there have been no scratches and I am very happy with it. And yes it does have a type of liner.

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I also agree with Ocean- it is a great cover which is machine washable (not attempted yet)

I had one from them which flaked out in summer, got it replaced free due to the 1year warranty from Parr. Just make sure you don't put it on the exhaust tips when hot, I usually cover the car and once the engine is cool, the cover goes all the way to cover the shell

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I am getting a Porsche Tequipment one for my 997, it's about £300 for the outdoor one. i have no idea as to whether it's any good or not - any opinions on this one?

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£300?! You can buy almost 3 Coverzones for the price of that... :?

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Ok, for the purpose of this exercise, if I could get the Porsche Tequipment outdoor cover for £100.00 :wink:
is it worth it? i.e. is it a good cover and do I actually need one? My garage isn't yet ready for a car but may be next year.

I really just want a cover so that i can say 'shhhh, she's sleeping' to people.

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by JamieG on 08 February 2007

I really just want a cover so that i can say 'shhhh, she's sleeping' to people.

how cute! :)

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No idea about the Porsche material used, but unless it is an impermeable/polyurethane-like material on the outside, I can assure you that it will not be waterproof enough for the British climate. If it's just some high-tech Goretex-like woven fabric on the outside, it will lose it's repellancy over time and become as useful as covering your car with a damp towel.

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I have used three car covers over the years - all by Covercraft.


I have stuck with them as they have always fitted the car precisely and keep sufficient water off the car, whilst being breathable so can be put on a wet car and it will dry out. I was covering 70's / 80's Italian cars at the time and believe me - i really needed to keep the water off :eek:

They seem to have a database of patterns for most cars and - for example - if you ask for a 993 TT cover (which i recently did), you also have to say if lhd or rhd, as the mirror pockets will be in different places.

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I have the Porsche cover & I think it work great, saying that my car is always garaged so It's only really used as a dust and dirt repellent when I'm away, rather than "weather-proof" It is meant to for use inside and out though.

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I have three of the coverzone ones that I sourced through e-bay but direct at less than rrp. Come in different grades. All are lined (I think). Straps are rubbish but could be sorted.

Only problem is that if you take them off when wet, where do you put them (in a w/p sailing kit bag) ? But then it ends up being put back on wet, moisture is trapped under cover and so on.

Worth having though.

Stevo ..... how do you get a Porsche through a 4'6 wide door?

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