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Origin B2 owners help please


30 Jan 2003
Just got my Origin B2 by courier, excellent looking bit of kit, really small and neat. Anyway I thought that I would be able to fit it just below the ashtray on the central tunnel of my 993, but it is a bit of a tight fit.

My question is where else can I put it, I don't really want to put it on the dash!

Help please it is being fitted on thursday!

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I have fitted mine below the bottom tray of in the console, the tray where you might have cd stoage. directly in front of the gear lever

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thats where mine is too - stuck on just between the tip selector and handbrake - the cables neatly disappear under the carpet by the seat and out of site.

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That makes for some interesting reading. Was thinking about the LRC for a while but might wait until this recent case goes to court.


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Funny thing is that he may not have been speeding, how can you get arrested for preventing the police from determining whether a crime is being committed ot not?? Surely presumed innocent etc. ??

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What happens if they turn up at your house but can't find the B2 ?

Innocent until PROVEN guilty !

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Surely it all depends on what there will get you on. Agree completely with what you say, but I think the chap in question was getting nicked for 'obstructing' the police in doing their duty rather than speeding. In other words, regardless of whether he was or wasn;t speeding, they coulnd't get a reading as he stopped them getting it, therefore he's guilty rather than innocent. Goes against the grain I know, but how many times have we seen this before...

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I thought the Origin B2 was a detector, not a jamming device. And detectors are completely legal in the UK so the boys in blue can't do anything. Although I always hide mine out of the way just in case it antagonises them.

Be interested to hear if you're all satisfied with your Origin's as I'm considering upgrading from a Beltronic which doesn't have GPS so is no good for digital speed cameras.

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The origin is a detector for laser and gps system - the wiring harness only needs an adapter to add an LRC100 laser jammer to it and it can be quite a simple stealth install from what i've heard.

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He would'nt have been nicked for a B2. Its the LRC thats illegal. One of the GT3 RS chaps (either Sean or Trampas, I cant remember) mentioned about claiming that its an automatic garage door opener to get you off the hook. I also saw this on a web site somewhere, but I cant figure out how this would work as even the most dense of plod's only needs to ask for a demo of your door opening prowess and then do you for 'lying to a police officer' as well as b*ggering his radar toy.

The best deterrent I've heard of by a mile was the defense equipment installed on the last of the Phantoms at RAF Leuchars (Phantoms were the Cayenne of the air defense world). Apparently a couple of plods were hiding in a layby somewhere near the Eden estuary with their brand new radar gun. In attempting to zap a speeding vauxhall, they inadvertantly bounced a phantom taking off a mile or two behind it. Only the Pilot's quick reactions stopped the aircraft warning system from arming a missile to fire at the 'enemy radar' that had locked on to it.

Now if only that could be fixed unobtrusively to a 993 without spoiling the lines :twisted:

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Does anyone have the radar detector fitted to their Origin? Since the last time I was caught was with a handheld gun, I want to make sure I've got that covered too.

And does anyone have suggestions for something similar but more portable? I take cars out from the Classic Car Club, and some of them are quick enough to be dangerous to your license too.


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I think the road angel is more portable - it is a self contained unit that plugs into a cigarette lighter with its won antenna and laser detector.

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It's Trampas who has the LRC fitted to his RS.

I have the Origin B2 not to go in the S6. When speaking to the guy I bought the device from apartently the LRC is neither illegal or legal. The Mercedes and Nissan active Cruise control use a similar device to the LRC to judge distance to objects in front. So not sure how it can become illegal.

I also heard that cars with xenon hedlights, if they are turned on when a laser gun is used, these confuse the signal as some of the light spectrum of both the laser and the xenon bulbs are the same. Not sure how true this is.

Cheers Sean

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The latest B2 combined with an LRC/garage door opener!...is a fairly safe option although it will put the nice policeman's gun onto an error code as he lasers you...aslong as you are aware enough and have good enough brakes to quickly get down to below the limit the B2 cuts the LRC and the nice policeman gets his reading of you doing a legal speed.....even if he's a bit suspicious the chances are they will consider it a real error and go onto the next approaching victim......the system goes a bit pear shaped when you are being silly and don't scrub your speed and pass them at speeds that are visibly too high ...its still a very grey area and i for one will take my chances...not so i can drive round at reckless speeds but so i can go about my everyday buisness without a simple mistake endangering my buisness etc.....as is the case with Sean at the moment...any word on what you can expect Sean?

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