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OPC premium


New member
31 Mar 2024
Last time I looked at used 911’s, I’m sure OPC cars were significantly more than others?

This doesn’t seem to be the case now. If anything they’re cheaper.

Is that the market dropping and OPC reacting first?

Seems a lot of cars that are sitting at dealers for a long time are SOR rather than their stock.
OPC's typically command the higher prices

however apart from the fact the cars are typically newer, their overall quality may not be higher

e.g. you show me an early 992.1 and the likes of Stirlings the Porsche independent will outmatch any OPC for quality preparation

happy to debate this
An OPC doesn't need to go the extra mile to prepare their cars as well as a well reguarded Independent. Their 2yr extended warranty will likely pick up any issues. That said they'll bid you in the nuts as a px then load at least £12k setting the retail price 🙄 Despite I suspect half of that margin swallowed up by overheads they can afford to reduce prices if they don't sell.
I dont see a big change in OPC price from a year ago , The warranty service and prep from Leeds was worth the price
I got a 3 year old car and it looked and felt as new
OPC car prep standards have been slipping and they rely on the value of the warranty to cover off their sales premium
not withstanding cars in the OPC network will be younger thus less evident of having any issues

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