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OPC Inspection Report


3 Jul 2005
Hi All,

I have an OPC Inspection booked on a potential purchase for this Thurs.

Can someone tell me what I am to expect from such a report?

Will it tell me things right down if a wing has been painted? Do they do a history check on the car with Porsche GB? Do they tell you if they suspect the mileage has been fiddled with? And do they do a HPI check?

I guess they would tell you if anything needed imminent replacement but do they tell you Yes Go for It and its a really good buy?

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Hi, to be honest many on here would recommend a PPI undertaken by an experience indie like JZM or the likes of Peter Morgan as they are extremely knowlegeable about older cars in the second hand market. You havent said what model it is either. I've no experience of OPC inspections or cost but IMHO would expect an OPC to be less likely to endorse a car over an indie, and if it is an older car less experienced at knowing what to spot.

Of course there are OPC experts and I'm sure you'll get a worthwhile report.

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I believe the car is a 996tt?

OPC does the 111 point check for warranty purposes, I guess if you get a decent tech he will give you some feedback. Best to speak to them before the check and ask them to look for anything you may beconcerned with.

I had mine inspected independantly last week, but this was because the car is already warrantied so doesnt need the 111 pc.

I dont think the 111 includes an HPI but am not sure

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Yep, it is a 996TT.

Chris W - I do need the OPC inspection since I am hoping to buy the OPC Warranty off the back of it. Completely agree with you about the Indy knowledge vs OPC knowledge debate though. Don't think I would take my car to OPC for anything other than a service normally. Everything else gets done at an Indy. A much more personal service I find. They recognise the car and treat you like a fellow enthusiast as opposed to a bag of money.

Problem is, the car is up in Leeds, the seller is taking it in. I'm in London, so I won't get a chance to talk to the mechanic. Not sure I could tell him anything I am concerned about though anyway :wink:
I know what you mean though, it is always nice to have a chat and ask them to do an extra thorough job.

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I think I would give thE OPC a call and tell them that you're using the 111 pc as a sort of PPI and if there is anything you are specifically worried about, ie accident damage could they let you know??

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Good thinking.

Thanks for that. I will do that.

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