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OPC inspection, is it worth it?


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7 Mar 2005
OK guys,

Looking at a 993 at the weekend, have looked at an awful lot now, had Mr Morgan carry out an inspection on a vehicle, but the purchase fell through right at the last moment.

So I have found another car for sale privately with a full OPC history last serviced a month ago, I have Peter Morgans buyers guide and am fairly clued up. Not sure about the inspection this time, have the option of an OPC inspection but not sure these are really worth while, as the only two people I know who have had them carried out have still had problems shortly after buying the car.

What do you think, worth delaying a week for the Porsche Inspection or just go for it on the strength of my own inspection.

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Hi Perry

As a guide, I would say that the OPC (111 point inspection) is normally geared towards whether they allow an extended Porsche warranty. The warranty though can only be applied to vehicles maximum 9 years old or 125 thousand miles so this may not apply depending how old your 993 is. Also if its warranty related, it will not warn you of worn consumables that are ordinarily not covered under warranty. Most price reductions achieved after an independant PPI come as a warning about mechanicals/consumables nearing the end of their life etc. In a nutshell, I'd only have a porsche inspection for the purposes of extending the porsche warranty. Even if its OPC serviced, if its offered privately, most here would suggest you still go the PPI route to make as sure as you can that all is well.

Good luck mate

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Depends where you are in the country

Most Porsche dealers charge 1.5 hours labour,

if its not had its 9th Birthday you can put the Porsche warranty on it, and you wont get a better warranty than that

Also it depends which mechanic does the check

If you get a mechanic whos worked there for a long time and has experience with air cooled cars you wont have a problem

If the cars in scotland peter Morgan wont go that far,

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I would trust on the OPC inspection about as far as I could pi55 in the wind. Full FPSH is not worth a bean either as many people just get the minimum for a stamp in the book and get the rest done by jo bloggs anyway.

My OPC couldn't even diagnose a RMS properly - charged me for parts that they 'forgot' to fit etc.

If you've near by, take it to someone like PARR motorsport south east london way or similar.

On a different note, I've always inspected cars myself - including my turbo4 - a peach!

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its all down to the man who does the job!!

And when you check a service history if the car doesnt have the invoices phone the dealer to find out what works been done

the problem with some owners is the dont do many miles in the car, so they just have annual small services done and never have a big 4 year / 48,000 mile service because they think the car doesn't need it, its not the dealers fault, its the owners,

There some damn fine chaps at Porsche Exeter who service my cars, not all OPC's are inefficient, and the OPc warranty is the best one you can put on a car

if its a 993 the things i find i allways do are that havent been done before are

front wishbone bushes

rear catalyst heat shields

and the cars 8 years old old and never had a 48K service done,

How many specialist change pollen filters? and fuel filters?

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