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OPC email - "Fitted Parts" offer


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1 Dec 2011
Many of us, I suppose, will have received an OPC marketing email today, offering fixed price servicing, parts and tyres.

Having just had an OPC Major Service on my 996 for £395, which I thought was a decent price, I'm surprised, therefore, at their fitted parts offers:


  • Front Pads £299
    Front discs and pads £849
    Rear pads £249
    Rear discs and pads £599
    Clutch £1,099
    Both front radiators £799
    Water pump £699
    Both A/C condensors £799
£800 for rads and AC?

Saved myself a fortune :D

But I agree, they're pretty good prices, as is your Major Service. Costing me that at my local Indie. If I wasn't so far away from an OPC, I'd be tempted.
Sorry, I didn't make myself clear. I think the servicing prices are decent, but the parts prices high.
£395 :eek: Are you sure that was a major service? I take it plugs were not included?
I had my 996 serviced in Feb this year it was the minor service which was 295.00 the price to supply and change the plugs in their email to me I seem to remember was 75.00 on top of this .... I did pay £590 a few months earlier for a new water pump and new coolant/antifreeze at my local OPC. ...just as a comparison
Zingari said:
£395 :eek: Are you sure that was a major service? I take it plugs were not included?

£395 IS the OPC menu price for a major service on a 996 but it does not include a plug change.
I'm going to give the OPC at Hatfield a go for my next service in a couple of months. I've been using JZM, mainly because of the expectation it was much cheaper.

But given OPC servicing prices now, and Hatfield is much closer than JZM, I'm going to give them a go.

Hatfield did investigate a water leak for me about 6 weeks ago when JZM couldn't fit me in quickly, I was due to do a track day the next week. They couldn't find anything, had the car for the week and tested it multiple times and only charged me £50 :eek:
I've actually switched my regular "menu" servicing back to my OPC as its reasonably priced compared to the local indies, plus I get to tank around in some brand new pork for the day.

Anything outside of regular servicing, such as brakes, rads, etc. is a different matter though...
^^^^ what spidy said above .... Just replaced both mufflers
And it was 50% cheaper through Indy fitting and sourcing some v. good almost new parts from eBay than the quote from OPC. Not compared prices on the menu but would consider it if not much in it .... Not sure how spiteful any unforeseen addition work might be though?

Not sure how spiteful any unforeseen addition work might be though?
In my experience, an OPC or an indy is always willing to take your money, no matter which one last worked on your car. :wink:
When were the service prices reduced for the 996? Any idea when the 997.1 prices will drop?

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