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OPC 996 c2 misfire MAF and Oil Leak

Lee Bollom

21 Dec 2005
just thought I'd give everyone an update from my previous posts.

1. I bought the 911 after having a 111 check from OPC Tonbridge/Kent. (where the car was located). They found a) oil leak - £500 fix, b) misfire/maf - £550 fix, c) no tool kit - £110 fix.

2. Got the car home, problem c) didn't exist, the car has all the correct tool kit, but they didn't bother to look. needed a service so had it booked into OPC Hatfield to have the service.

3. Service completed (mix up with there dodgy quotes, ended up paying £200 more than quoted) they found problem a and b but there quotes to fix was a) £886!!! b) £116!!! to investigate further (but they thought it was MAF).

4. I purchased a MAF (£291 - since found out u can get them for £150 from ECP.), fitted the MAF and no change to the problem (fair enough, OPC only guessed at the problem), Gave up and booked the car in at JZM.

5. Car is at JZM to have the Oil leak fixed and to investigate and solve the Misfire.

6. Oil leak turns out to be the spark plug sleaves £120 fix (approx) and the misfire is intermittent, they've checked all the ignition connections before the test and they couldn't find the misfire (altho it was logged as Cyclinder 2 misfire in the ECU), after discussion I instructed them to replace the coil pack on that cyclinder £85 fix (approx)

figures are approx since I pick up the final bill tomorrow morning so based on the quotes I received, i pick the car up tomorrow morning.

So the £886 (oil) bill plus £550 (maf) would have been £1456 at the OPCs, now I'm looking at the same fix for under £200!!!

Obviously I haven't picked the car up yet, but on initial conversations with JZM they have assured me that all work necessary has been carried out and the problems have been solved.

Overally, you could say I'm not overly impressed with the OPCs.

I shall post an update tomorrow hopefully to let you know the final news.

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you can't beat Jonas and the boys!

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ok, sorry for the late reply, been away for a nice wk end to Gt Yarmouth!! ;-)

picked the car up on wednesday, and it runs perfect now. The bill was only £134!!!! I will be going to JZM, they've done a top job.

Nothing spectacular but just good honest work. Which counts a lot.

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Glad to hear it is all sorted. :D :D :D :D

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two spark plug seal sleaves, an ignition pack for cyclinder two and 1.2 hours of labour.

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