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One month on!


23 May 2003
Ok peeps - had the 993 for a month now what a month it has been. Love the sound of the engine and the modded air box - in fact everything about the car is awesome. The only niggle I have is FM Radio reception - it's pants!!!! I only get the BBC stations which might be ok for some but I used to love Xfm in the mornings and Virgin on the way home. I know it's not the Radio as when reception is good then it's clear as a bell - is there any way of getting better reception from the in-screen aerial apart from another external aerial - no chance of that spoiling the clean 993 lines!!!

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i've heard other people talking about an ariel booster - sometimes they come unplugged? Sorry but i dont know any more than that.

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pix.. what stereo do you have...

as my previous Porcshe CRD21 was pants....

but when I changed to the 'look-a-like' Becker Traffic Pro (HS) with it's 2 RDS tuner.. London radio reception was transformed !

that inbuilt 2 RDS tuner mades all the difference... assuming it's all plugged in the back..

so I can strongly recommend any Becker unit with the inbuilt 2 RDS tuner..

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I have a Kenwood KDC-7024 - I know it's RDS but no idea if it's RDS 2. I've now done a search on the forum and found a couple of things like the aerial booster etc. I'll give those ago first and then if it's still crap I'll look at upgrading the head unit. Just bought a music keg MP3 player so may just listen to mp3's instead.....

Thanks for the replies.

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Hi Pixelation,

I've had my 993 for two months now.

I didn't know you could have so much fun with your clothes on!

I must admit I haven't really had time to play with the radio. I've been too busy enjoying the sounds that the ar makes.


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Warren might be right.

There is a thin black wire behind your stereo which powers the antenna booster. If anyone has been back there to change stereos or maybe just to pull out the stereo temporarily, then there is a good chance that the antenna booster was not reconnected.

Too many monkeys in this world!

I have such good FM reception that people have commented on it out of the blue, saying that I pick up stations that they don't, in the same area, so the 993 is not an inherently bad car for FM radio.

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