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Once upon a time....


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4 Jul 2003
Someone I know had a guards red 964, it was his first porsche so he was really proud of it. He bought it "trade" from an independent dealer in London, what trade really meant was that it had some history. It had previously been involved in an fairly major accident, the details of which were not forthcoming. Oh its just had a range rover reverse into the back of it but its all fixed now.. were the dealers word. Anyway with the pipes leaking and it using up more oil than petrol ! he drove it home happy as larry.

After a few months he decided to get the stone chips done and was recommended a non-porsche garage somewhere in london. Sooo he took his car along an got a quote for re-spraying the bonnet. One week later armed with £200 deposit he took his beloved 964 to the garage for its paint job, he was told it would take just a couple of weeks. Over the next 4 months the garage sanded down nearly all the car much beyond what had been agreed. They then moved premises and my mate couldn't track his car down for a day or so. But all was well, it was in storage whilst the garage moved down the road. Back at the new premises they took the seats out.. to do some work and removed the wheels. They then told him would would be ready next week. The following week he went back to the garage and the car wasn't there, he was told that because the filter hadn't been changed in the off-site oven the body has attracted some dust and need some more attention. Don't worry it will be back next week !. Next week the car still hadn't returned to the garage so my mate told them that if the car wasn't there tomorrow he would call the police....

That evening he rec'd a phone call from someone saying they were a partner in the garage and didn't I know that car had been lent to someone who has crashed it and was in hospital. My friend was in complete shock and went to the garage first thing in the morning.. the owner claimed he knew little about the accident and didn't know where the car was. He basically blamed the other guy. But he assured me that he would pay me the market value of the car. My mate went straight to the police & the Insurance company. The garage guy told the police and the Insurance co. that he had sold the car on my friends behalf and now there was an argument about the price !

Anyway to cut a long story short in the end after two seperate dates at the crown court and nearly 1 year on the garage guy admitted handling stolen property and got sent down for a year. and my mate got most of his money back from the Insurance company...

Urban myth I hear you cry !! well guess what ...my mate was me ! :eek:

Do I go straight to gold for this ? :wink:

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Magic. I am not sure about going straight to gold, but it was a damn good first post!!! What a nightmare story. It is amazing that these things actually happen. This car sounded a bit jinxed! I am sure your 993 is a much better bet :wink:

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great story!

reminds me of when I had my cal look bug resprayed by a company that banked with my bank. basically to cut a long story short i was called by the owner and told to get down to the garage within the next 2 hours or the car would have been impounded by the bailiffs as the company was going into liquidation. Although i would have eventually got my car back it would have taken a while. I got there to see them pushing it out, whilst I then had to bolt on the wings myself whilst they got anything else of value out of the workshop and into their cars. i paid my £300 and scarpered.

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What a story ! I never cease to be amazed by the gall of these people ! Glad it all got sorted in the end.

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great story...

who was the Independent dealer?

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sutchy, I thinks what is more relevant are the learnings

1) Never rush into buying your first porsche

2) Always carry out a HPI

3) Always have an independent check

4) Don't forget that whilst the car maybe worth c£20k, this is still a lot of money to a lot of people, who are prepared to take a risk.

5) When dealing with the Insurance company & police keep a clear record of events.

6) NEVER trust the Insurance company they are a bunch of lying thieving gits !!.. well that was pretty much what they accused me of. I know for a fact they hid a couple of things from me.

7) Always trust the police, they did a very good job. In the end they even faxed my Insurance company telling them that they had no right to withhold any money due.

8) Go to a garage that is used to dealing with porsche's

9) My wife wanted me to go around and give the guys a slap. But when youre 5.2" and the police tell you that they have previous form for assault... it doesn't sound too appealing.

10) I was covered for both a replacement car & legal cover....but guess what you only get a replacemant car if your car is in an accident or when its recovered if stolen. Oh and the legal cover doesn't cover cases such as mine......

Anyway this is my 10 point plan. Hope it helps someone out there....

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I totally sympathise , I left my pride and joy with a w****r who ran a now closed body shop , he went bust and scarpered with my new wheels and tyres . An employee who was doing most of the work on my car found my address on a parts bag and led me back to find my car in an unlocked garage with a few other customers looking for the owner .
Fortuneately the employee had an uncle who owned a body shop and we put it back together there , It's taken ages to get it up to scratch but it's pretty tasty now .
The body shop owner rubbed up a lot of heavy people the wrong way and I hear his car has been trashed twice and he's also visited the local A&E a few times . I claimed off my Insurance but it's no solution and suing him would be a pointless exercise as he has no money .
If I need major bodywork in future I'm going to use the highly recommended Roger Bray .

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