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Oil usage and how to check

Andy Dyer

New member
1 Dec 2005

Have just got myself a 993 targa and am just getting used to all the new quirks that they have - am forever looking at the guages on the dash waiting for something bad to happen.....know you have to have the engine running to check the oil - should the temp guage be at the first mark when checking this?? Car sat on what I thought was level ground but the oil level guage hardly moved....... checked the oil level anyway - the oil was decent colour and halfway up the twisted bit of the dipstick. Am I doing something wrong or worrying about nothing?? What is usual for oil usage??

Other than that the car is fantastic - just don't see many others around, are there any owners out this way???



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Ignore the oil level gauge during driving.

Check the oil on the dipstick when the engine is RUNNING at tickover and the oil is HOT - after a good half hour run.With dry sump systems the guage is only accurate when the oil is hot as above and the engine has been idling for at least 2 minutes. Never overfill!

As a precaution, check the dipstick as well (just in case the gauge is faulty). And check the oil level frequently, like every couple of hundred miles. Oil is the lifeblood of an 'air-cooled' engine.The gauge is on the red line when running because the oil has been sent around the engine to do its job.Oil consumption varies with traffic conditions and how hard the car is driven. Dont be surprised if it seems to use a lot. Carry a litre with you at all times!

and must be at least 20 Targa owners here !

post PICS !!!

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Cheers for the reply Sundeep - just sat the car outside today and thought the guage should have moved in the time it was sat there. Doubt it was 2 minutes though so will check again tomorrow. Like I said oil half way along twisted part of dipstick so prob just needs a top up...... will post some pics when I've resized the ones I've taken....

Know this is bound to be in the FAQ's somewhere but what about tyre pressures?? Used to run an elise which was really sensitive with diff. pressures. Am guessing the 911 is no different

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Again. sorry to bump a post back from way back when, but was trying to find why my gauge did not move when driving!

A fountain of knowledge on here 8)

Anyway, quick question - what is the best oil to run in a 993? I am thinking Mobil 1 but a definitive opinion would be great!

Thanks in advance ...

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Mobil 1 can work, but some find that it can cause leaks due to it been thinner... but many don't have problems

IMHO a 5W40 oil is better for the 993's

and Silkone Pro S is a better Oil, also doesn't drink.....

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I'll go with that then - cheers Sundeep - much appreciated !

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