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Oil pressure


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19 Jun 2006
Something not quite right or common to 964's?

Oil pressure needle moves quite a bit when driving but sometimes when I come to a stop the needle will touch the 0 mark, activating the warning lights. However when i then pull off the needle returns to 4/5 and the warning lights go out.

Should i be concerned or need any parts replacing??

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Oil pressure is meant to be changing while driving, how about the oil level indicator? You need the engine warm, idleing on flat surface, then look at the level, should be @ half way, or more accurately check the level manually.

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Oil level sender is knackered as the gauge is off the scale when the electrics are on. CHecked the level on the dipstick and its just below half way between the notches. Could this effect the oil pressure gauge or maybe a faulty oil pressure sensor or something?

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Oil level seams right, but the idle pressure should be on the 2-3 mark (and not 0), and running pressure should be all the way up to 5. Don't know what might be faulty and someone with better knowlege might chime in, otherwise let the professional check it out.

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On idle its around 2-3 as you say, and then up to 5 when driving. But sometimes if i brake to a halt at a junction for instance the needle will dip to 0 (activating warning lights) but as soon as i put power down the needle will return to normal. Irritating at the moment but wondering whether theres a potential problem lurking somewhere?

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I've only had the car 2 weeks so not sure what oil is in it. Plan to get a service v.soon and it was suggested I put Castrol 10 40 semi synthetic in. When I check the dip stick its hard to read the level as the oil is very clean, and to me looks too thin.

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Oil pressure shouldn't dip to zero. About 1 bar minimum is OK. Could be a problem with the engine or the sensor. Or could be the oil in it is too thin.

A lot of people put 15W-50 in 964s as the best viscosity for these engines.


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