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Oil levels - electric vs dipstick


New member
23 Dec 2020
Morning guys

Having a slightly strange issue... I've had my car about a month now, most of which it's spent parked due to terrible weather but on the few times I've used it I always let it cycle through the oil level check when cold.

It had a major service recently and all good, except the longer I didn't use it properly for the lower the oil level got on the electronic reading until yesterday when it was at a single bar. It isn't leaking and can't be using any as it hasn't been driven, I also checked the dipstick multiple times and it was bang on the upper mark...why is there such a big discrepancy?!

Also, there was a bit of white gunk in the oil filler cap...normally this would be concerning but I've read a few things about condensation and cold weather, nothing to worry about?
Gunk is fine. Electronic gauge is not to be trusted.
The milky gunk will clear once you have had a good run, as for the gauge always worth checking both! If your parked on a slight incline/decline the in car gauge will show it, so make its flat.
Great, nothing to worry about on either then!

Was just concerned as it had been reading full and then just slowly 'dropped' on the electronic one.

Had a good run out in it on Sunday and it is unbelievable, feels awesome.

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