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Oil leaking from timing chain tensioner.

Wayne A

New member
17 Feb 2013
Hi all,
I have a 2001 996 c2 which has just started to leak oil from the left bank chain tensioner. I picked up the o ring and aluminium seal last week, but am very reluctant to just unscrew the tensioner in case I cause any problems.
The seal has corroded by the looks of things.
Any tips or pointers would be gratefully received.
From what I have read on the forum, it's not just a case of unscrewing the offending bit and replacing the seal. You have to lock the cam shafts first with special tools, not sure if it's possible to do it with the engine still in the car.
Mine are weeping a bit, so its on my list of jobs to get done, I do most of my own maintenance but things like that are not worth taking a chance of trashing the engine, a good Indi will be my choise.
I guess your right i am worried about causing a bigger problem, that's why I didn't just whip it off.
I was more concerned about resetting the tensioner, I am not sure if it has a ratchet mechanism or just purely oil fed. But now I am thinking that maybe the chain could jump.
I will give an Indi a ring next week to see what they say. Many thanks.
Don't think it's an engine out job. I had mine done although the garage got it wrong first time and coundn't get engine oil to pressure up.
Had mine done last week.

Engine does not need to be removed, takes about2-3hours to do. The mechanic will want to feel the amount of tension on the tensioner whilst removing it also as this could be an indicator of future problems if there is little of no tension left!

Get it done at an Indy for a couple of hours labour and enjoy an oil free driveway!
Had mine done recently also, wasn't an engine out job but he did say oil needs to be dropped before fitting, wasn't bad cost wise at local Indy, around 150, I had the other one done at same time, if ones gone then probably makes sense to do other one also from preventative point of view.


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