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Oil leak !!!


New member
24 May 2003
Hello all.

I have found a small oil leak from the engine, roughly centre and towards the back where the engine meets the gear box. I have searched this site with no results.

However after searching Rennlist and Funcars. there was no end of problems re:rear main seal oil leaks, there description seems to fit mine.

To make things worse the remedy can be a new engine. my car (2003 C4S) IS ONLY 8 MONTHS OLD WITH 4000 MILES.

Are there any thourghts or opinions, im taking the car in later this week but forewarned is forearmed as they say. If it does need a new engine i would like to have some options ready, not sure how this would affect resale.

Thanks Duncan.

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Its like reading a doctors journal. You look up symptons for a pain and after ten minutes of reading you've convinced yourself you are going to die. I am sure there will be an easy remedy. We are talking about one of the best cars in the world. :)

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Thanks for the replies

Ultimatley i know everything will be covered under warranty, its just that i like to be prepaired for anything.

I also have a sticking electric seat adjuster and one of the coloured crests on the wheels has fallen off, these things i know are minor but a potentialy serious oil leak at only 4000 miles is another thing. Especialy when it seems to be so common on the other side of the pond.


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I think you've answered the question yourself ("potentially serious oil leak") ... start worrying IF it is a serious oil leak. And remember ... its only a car and can be replaced!

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Had the car in today, up on the ramp, 30 seconds later.

"yep your right sir it is the main seal it'l need a new cluth as well"

They have to take the whole engine out to change it, also they check the drive shaft for allignment as well, if thats out its a new engine....wow...


Any advice would be appreciated.


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Commiserations Duncan

My 993 spends more time with Porsche than me it seems at times, but it is worth it.

I'm not sure about the drive shaft stuff but the clutch will need to be changed because if the rear oil seal has gone it will have contaminated the driven plate.

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