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Oil leak cured .......by changing oil.


6 Mar 2014
So, only a few months after my last clutch change, the car started with the standard weep at the bottom of the bell housing. Usual stuff where you can see evidence of it formed on the bottom but never drips on the drive.
Anyway, I had it serviced in May this year and moved to Millers 10w50 as recommended by them (do to fuel dilution thinning my oil out).

Hey presto - I noticed a month or so after my oil weep has vanished!

I also had a new oil cooler fit the month after the service but can't see how that would affect anything. I power washed the underside of the car yesterday so this week I'll get it up on the ramps for a visual check and then monitor it over the next month or so, but it's looking like moving to thicker stuff as stopped it leaking. Watch this space.
Thanks Alex.

I'll give it a try as I noticed after the last oil change (0W40) on the boy's C4 it seemed to leak a little more oil than before. I just hope it won't get too viscous if we have a really cold winter.
I e also swapped to Millers 10 50, car runs cooler and oil pressure is higher, plus seems to run quieter.

Might just be snake oil but I’m not going back to the thinner stuff anytime soon.
Some oils contain 'seal conditioners' which are absorbed by rubber seals. This fattens them up a tiny bit and can make good previous leaks.

I am not sure if Millers 10W50 has them. I know that back in the day Mobil 1 'high mileage 10W50' used to have them.

Did you use the NT+ version of the millers oil?
Fair. I was weighing the regular CFS 10W50 with the NT+ version but couldn't figure out what the + package gives me.

As you say the price difference is not small.
It's 10W50, it's fully synthetic, it's Millers. That was good enough for me to make my mind up.
To be fair even the basic Millers 10W50 is twice the cost of my usual Fuchs 5W40.

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