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Oil Filter Question...


31 Dec 2002
Question..... it may be silly but need to check ! if an oil filter is removed and replaced for a 993 will a significant volume of oil come out ? i.e. do you have to replace all of the oil or can you just replace the filter without any problem and only loose a bit of oil ?

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I've changed the oil a number of times on mine, but never just the filters always filters and oil. Personally don't see why you'd want to do one without the other, but I'm sure you have your reasons.

964/993's have 2 oil filters, one (a long filter) on the oil tank inside the offside rear wheel arch and the other (normal sized) on the engine, rear offside again. The long one is mounted horizontally so undoing this is going to make a mess and considering its close proximity to the drain plug will probably empty the contents of the oil tank on the floor. The engine mounted filter is mounted vertically with the thread pointing up. Since its quite high up and these engines don't have much of a sump, then you might be able to change this filter with oil still in the engine, but depending on how much oil is in the tank, gravity might take over...... this filter is also a ***** to get too, so you won't have much time to get the old filter out and worm the new one in between all the cables,pipes,engine parts, etc

My advice would be to drain the oil into some clean containers, of which you can buy new "oil drain" containers from Halfords and then change the filters in the conventional way, remembering to replace both sump washers. The engine holds about 10 litres so use this to estimate how many containers you will need.


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cheers paul for that complete answer...

had another oil leak and I was trying to figure out what the last garage claimed to have done..


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