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oil change and dropped sump


25 Jan 2021
As my 92880 miles 996 is coming up to 12 months on its current oil (I've owned it for 10 months) I thought as she is off the road waiting to go into the body shop for some minor damage (neighbour back in it) time to do an oil \ filter change and drop the sump to see if there is anything nasty in there.
Oil looks very clean (only done 3K miles, saved some for the Millars oil analysis, checked the oil filter for metallic particles (couldn't see any).
I have a couple of issues, the oil filter removal tool that was in the tool kit is too small diameter so need to get one and while the sump is off anything else worth doing checking?
I've a air con compressor and water pump on order as there's a terrible racket coming from the engine (disappears without the aux belt on, and there's a ticking from the bottom end which maybe a tappet so will add some lifter additive.


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I would have though ticking, might be the alternator? While you're there, check the belt pulley bearings too.
I wouldn't replace any auxiliary parts until you know which ones they are. Either get a screwdriver handle against your ear with the blade pointing at each pulley so you can hear which one it is.......or seeing as you have the belt off you should be able to turn each pulley by hand and feel if its gritty or has plenty of play.

As for the ticking, my money is the gasket between the head and exhaust manifold is weeping. You should see a sooty stain at the side of the manifold if it is.
Ticking is much reduced with oil additive (lifter\tappet). The alternator was original and was a little noisy so that was changed a couple of weeks ago along with the idler pulleys which had play in the bearings (tensioner was OK). AC compressor leaked anyway and the water pump bearing is rumbling so both these are winging their way from Autodoc hopefully by the weekend so I can fit.


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