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oil burner 993

Peter Bird

25 Nov 2003
I have located a 993 but with 100,000miles on the clock the bad news is the owner informs me it is using about 1litre for 2,000miles. (there are no leaks) He is using mobil1, I dont know which one. I understand these engines burn a certain amount anyway. Can anyone tell me the average acceptable amount. Is there a common problem, is it likely to be worn rings? Is this going to be an expensive job?

Any advice welcom on the subect.

Peter Bird

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Nothing wrong with it - its an air cooled flat 6 and they all use oil. They all also blow blue oil smoke occasionally when started because the oil drips in via the valve stem into the combustion chamber.

The manual has details of instructions how to check the oil level (often) by guage and dipstick. It is one of the most asked questions about the 911. "Acceptable" amounts will vary with use, ambient temperature, how long and hard the car is driven, whether its in stop go traffic etc etc. One litre for 2000 miles sounds fine to me. Mobil 1 or any premium fully synthetic is prefered oil.

Buy it in France - its half the price of the UK. It will pay for the cost of the trip!

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Thanks for the advice. I have an excuse to go to France as well.!!!

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From a previous post of mine...


Dont just do your France trip for wine and cigs!

The fully synthetic Shell Helix oil cost £19 pounds for 5 litres in Leclerc supermarket, similar Castrol in Halfords is £34 for 4.5 litres and a litre is £9 in the local Shell station! (Cheaper brands fully synthetics were as low as £12 for 5 litres in Leclerc)

Also 100watt blue tint headlight bulbs were £2.5 to £3.6 instead of £9 to £13 in Halfords!

The savings more than paid for the trip!

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