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Oh Dear


New member
8 May 2013
,......in a good way.

Currently in an S4, I decided to either satisfy or dismiss a childhood dream by booking a test drive in a 911.

Oh dear,....... I suppose I was hoping it was horrible and it was too unpractical and too stiff suspension, and too uneconomical etc etc etc.

Oh dear,....it was none of those things. I drove a 991 4S PDK and to say I was well impressed would be a massive understatement.

My youngest is 17 now and as the wife has just got her new A3, Its my turn to look forward to something.

Will I miss 4 doors? probably not although a smaller door in tight parking spaces does make it easier to get in and out.

Will I miss the boot? Don't think so and was very surprised at the space it has - was able to fit in a typical offshore kit bag with stacks of room to spare.

Is it economical? Yip! Real surprise there, - far more so than my 3.0 V6 S4.

Is it a nice drive? Absolutely stunning!!! Really cant praise it enough and almost instantly decided that it had to be my next car. The demo I drove at £88.5k is just too much as it is so new but I'm definitely going to go for one. Just a matter of time before it is in my price bkt circa £65K-£70k

Can anyone give me some advice on what I can expect as far as the speed of the deprecation of this new model? My S4 is 3 years old now and is probably worth 50% of its new price. Can I expect the same in a 4S?something tells me I might have a longer wait. I wouldn't mind but the car I test drove was exactly how I would have specked one for myself. New price was circa £96k (4.5k on the clock)

Any advise that anyone can give me would be real appreciated.
I'm doing the same - waiting for a 65 to 70 k 4S. I'm coming from a 997 4s which the depreciation seems to have flattened out on so I reckon an 18 to 24 month old car should be in this bracket. There are some decent 2S's around low 70s now
I've had my 991 4S PDK since 1st march and its a stunning car, the best i've had. The 4S will hold its value quite well from what i've heard. I'm even thinking of changing for the new 991 turbo S later this year. If i don't then it'll be the new gallardo when it comes out next year. Rumour has it that new gallardo will have a dual clutch, if it hasn't then i'm not going to bother
Ta for the response guys,

18 months to 2 years!!! OMG cant wait that long. Already getting withdrawal symptoms as its a week ago tomorrow that I had it.

My hope is that the £96k car that has lost £8k in 6 months will continue to lose £1k a month for the next 6 months. Might have to bite the bullet and up the budget to £80. Thats a lot of dough to have locked up in a car.
Look at finance costs on these cars and the Gfv Porsche offer. Makes me think real depreciation on these cars will be 1.5 k a month for the first couple of years.
2 year old carreras wil be low 50's, Carrera s high 50's, 4s low to mid 60's

There's a lot of c2s cars around starting at 70, and they don't seem to be moving fast. Same money for a gen2 turbo. I'd be putting my money in the turbo at that price point
Just a thought, but have you seen just how much 911 you can buy NOW for c£50k :?:

In your position I'd be seriously tempted to go for a 2010 997 'S.

In 18 months it shouldn't depreciate too badly and you never know you might just decide to keep it and save yourself £20k or more.
Wait for the 991. Until you own one, you won't realise just HOW MUCH better the 991 is than the 997. If the 991 depreciates, the 997 will just follow it down. The Turbo is a bit different, but in your shoes I would wait. No way I'd put £50k into a cooking 997.
Just back from the Porsche garage - car I drove last saturday still available but out on a test drive was offered 21.5k on my S4. I had it in my head that I wanted 25k.

they went up to 24750 with a full tank. Going back at 15:30 to pick it up to have till Monday. Looks like I'm going to have to rape the business account!!!!

Just liked it too much to wait. Definately wanted the 991, so subs. And tried to look for one on the net and just cant see anything that fits exactly what I am after.

This is a huge amount of money for me,......I'm scared!
Don't be !!!..it's only money...and you're only here once !! 8)
Don't be scared, go for it.

I remember thinking that when I bought mine, it was 50% more than I had ever spent on a car.

Best thing I ever did, and I can't see myself going back to any other brand until I get too old to get into one.
markvorny said:
Don't be scared, go for it.

I remember thinking that when I bought mine, it was 50% more than I had ever spent on a car.

Best thing I ever did, and I can't see myself going back to any other brand until I get too old to get into one.


Massive leap of faith spending that kind of money on a car, but boy has it been worth it... :grin:

I've chickened out and to leave it 6-12 months. The 911 will definitely be my next car but I suppose its just too much of a rush to do it just now. I was on a wave and finally thought that it was just too soon to let go my S4.

I am keeping my eyes peeled even though I wont be doing anything for at least 6 months and I reckon I will like it even more (if thats possible) if I have to go through the pain of the wait.
It's easy to get caught up in the moment and best to make sure it makes sense for you. I tend to like to walk away now, sleep on it and sleep on it some more!
Just make sure you do it at some point! You will never regret it :thumb:
^what he said! I loved every minute of 997 ownership and look forward to owning a 991 just need to make sure the time is right. It resonates with me as I yesterday had my second test drive the latest being 90 mins at the Porsche Driving Experience Centre, Silverstone.

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