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oh dear henry


12 Mar 2005

whats happening to his stock,now I'm not knocking the 944 one bit here,but regardless of how good condition the above one is,its soo wrong on so many counts,it makes that base engine Turbo badged Cayenne he had a week or 2 back look subtle

Carrera Stickers on the front wing/rear panel,924Turbo front badge panel whats happening???? is henry aiming to attract the Max power generation or summat??

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reminds me of some '80s American muscle car for some reason... :?

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I think you are being more than a little unkind - this is the full description of the car WHICH IS LESS THAN 8 GRAND!.

944 Lux. 1986 C-registration. Oval dash model with power steering. You would have to go a very long way indeed to find a better loved 944. Someone has certainly spent some money on the old girl. Special leather sports seats, cross spoke alloys, rear valance, Carrera GT wing decal, very tidy both inside & out (pretty much unmarked in fact). 5 speed manual gearbox, all the usual electrics including the sunroof. Service history from new which comes with a big file of bills to show someone cared. HPI clear, no nasty stories and a load of fun for the money.

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you surely don't think its been subtly done Stevo do you? :eek:

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I think that if I was a non Porsche owner on a limited budget looking for a "looked after" car with some presence that I would be attracted - if I didn't like the decal on the front wing I'd remove it.
The fact that its got non origional bits is irrelevant - we all change bits - there are threads here talking about changing seats, changing spoilers, adding sills, replacing front ends, adding Manthey tuning and body parts, drilling airboxes, adding Turbo wheels to non-turbo cars, changing wheels to 19 inch, changing wheels to GT3 types etc etc.
There's room for everyone in the Porsche experience - including all types of the motoring enthusiast.

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oh yeah understand about the modding on the Porsche scene,afterall my 993 does sport the RS aerokit,maybe its me but I think its a bit of a faux paux adding things that try and set it apart and make it something its not from most other similar vintage 944's,if the one at Henry's for instance had the original badge panel and sans Carrera stickers it would make me think WOW!!!,someones kept their 944 in immaculate condition that its truly worth paying a small fortune for(relatively speaking,as good honest pre S2 944's are under £5k),but with all that mixed up add-ons its just making me think WTF,it reminds me of the raft of 944 "Clubsports" that appeared when the 968 Clubsport was on the go

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Have to agree with Rodders here, the car is in very nice condition, but the addition of the Carrera decals is silly. I have no problem with the 924 Turbo front end, just the Carrera decals.

There is no problem with modding a car and adding bits to make it look like something else, but to add badges is just a no no. Henry had that Cayenne with a Turbo badge and the C4 with GT3 kit, a GT3 badge on the engine cover, but still had the Carrera 4 kick plates.

Changing the badging is just plain wrong and VERY tacky!

As a good example, we were heading darn sarth at the weekend and I was admiring what looked like a Sierra Cosy, but the origional 2 door hatch. Looked brilliant, until I noticed the addition of a curvey "V6" badge around the rear quarter light. In my opinion, the owner went from hero to complete muppet in about 5 seconds.

Just sad!

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