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Toby Armfield

9 Sep 2003
Does anyone know the recomended offsets for a 993 narrow body running on 18's?

The manual states 52 and 40 for the turbo but obviousley does nto give official offsets for 18's on non turbo's as they were not initially approved for fitment.

Another forum - someone stated :

These are the sizes used by Porsche for the 18" wheels on the narrow body 993:8x18 ET5210x18 ET65


Front 8x18 ET52Rear 10x18 ET40

What are the offsets on 996 18" rims - will they fit on a narrow body 993 - with or without spacers?

Please Help - i need tro get e new wheel so i can drive nmormally again and want to make sure i get the right one!?

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Toby - i have the 02 18 inch Carrera rims from a 996 on my 993 Narrow body 993 - no spacers, no problems - if this helps you at all.

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I assume this is to replace your broken wheel?

Why not take off the other wheel, clean the inside and look at the numbers on the rear of the hub

its the ET?? That your looking for

Mark Pearce


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Now why didnt we all think of that ?

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I'm not sure if they are Porsche OE wheels - all 964 and 993 wheels (OE) should have the offset stamped on the outside next to the vlave apparently and this hasnt - will retrieve the broken wheel tonight and check it out - may just buy a complete new set from design 911 - 495 in the sale - prbably cheaper than replacing one and getting the rest refurbed!

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retrieved the busted wheel - it is 10J x 18 ET65 - part no 993.362.140.01 - seems to be OEM porsche wheel - not hollow spoked tho.

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The turbos don't have the offsets stamped by the valves for some reason

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So what is the correct offset for a narrow body 993 ?

ET50 Front and ET65 Rear ?


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or ET52 Front and ET65 Rear ?

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Correct offset is ET52 front and ET65 rear for 18" (8 inch front, 10 inch rear) on 993 narrow body

The 996 18" wheels (8 inch front, 10 inch rear) with front ET50 and rear ET65 fit fine however. The rears are better fitted with 265/35 tires (that are correct for the 993) rather than the 285/30 that come on the 996.

For 17" the correct offset for 993 is ET55 front and rear (7 inch front, 9 inch rear).


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cheers Ian

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